Chloe Dao
Chloe Dao

Hot as Pho got the chance to interview Chloe Dao, winner of Bravo’s Project Runway 2. In 2000, Chloe Dao started her own boutique called Lot 8 in Houston, TX. She has been featured on countless fashion magazine and has received tremendous media attention since Project Runway. Chloe Dao, 35, is a Vietnamese American who inspires young people to dream big as she has shown America that dreams can come true.

Hot as Pho: How did Project Runway change your life on a day to day basis?
Chloe Dao: I work more and I multi tasked more. I have less time to just play and relax. Life is more stressful right now, but the opportunities are bigger.

HAP: Can you describe your childhood?
Chloe: My childhood was pretty normal. Very all American, Cheerleader and journalist in Junior High, tennis team and President of the Latin Club in High School. The only difference was my sisters and I worked since we were very young. The earliest memory for me of working was in 6th grade. We have always worked because we had family business.

HAP: How drastically did your life change from living in Laos to America?
Chloe: I have no memory of Laos. I am sure my life changed like any immigrant. You have to assimilate and blend it.

HAP: What has been your biggest struggle thus far?
Chloe: My biggest struggle is trying to balance everything. Trying to have my business, have a love life , and have some time to myself.

HAP: Are you currently in a relationship?
Chloe: Yes, and we just celebrated our one anniversary.

HAP: What kind of men are you interested in?
Chloe: I like witty men, like Oscar Wilde. I like well dressed men but most of all I like kind-hearted and down to earth men. I like men who are just comfortable in their our skin.

HAP: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Chloe: I love to read. I read everyday and anything, books, magazines. I also love to play tennis. I love watching ANTM and So You Think You Can Dance.

HAP: What is your biggest childhood memory?
Chloe: I don’t get this question. My fondest childhood memory was when the newspaper would come everyday at noon, and the six youngest sisters would fight to get the newspaper so we can play the games in the comic section. It was really fair and fun because whoever play it first, didn’t circled the answers. It was left blank just like new so the next sister could play. Its was sweet and fun for all of us.

HAP: If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?
Chloe: There are so many. Seriously, stop world hunger. stop the AIDS epidemic, stop civil war. It is a wish, right, I can not only wish for one.

HAP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Chloe: I seen myself doing the same thing but at a much bigger scale. LOT 8 boutiques around the U.S. and maybe overseas. I also design in other boutiques beside my own.

HAP: What advice would you give to the younger generation Vietnamese American in achieving their dreams?
Chloe: Follow it and make it happen. But you will only achieved it through hard work and discipline.

HAP: What else would you like the viewers to know about you?
Chloe: I just had the best pho in my life in San Jose 2 months ago. The place was simply call Beef Noodle #1 . I love the name and the pho rocks!


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