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6 Responses

  1. I just thought you guys should shine the spotlight on a rap duo named Magnetic North. The group conisists of a Vietnamese emcee Theresa Vu, and Chinese emcee Derek Kan. Their music touches everyone of all backgrounds and is a breakthrough for future Female Vietnamese emcees. You could check out their stuff at

  2. Interesting comments.. 😀

  3. I thought Angelah Johnson’s piece on Vietnamese Nail Salons was a wonderful piece! She is an excellent mimick and I thought did simply that, gracefully, respectfully. I wish you would put her piece back on your site.

  4. it says new styles for the new year. well ok, so after january there was nothing.. and i was like, ok, maybe they ment Tet. but now it’s almost april and there still is nothing… which year were u talking about?


  6. =O i know the girl kissing that apple.

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