VANG’S 5th Anniversary To Be Held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on May 3, 2008

SAN JOSE, CA- October 30, 2007- The Vietnamese American National Gala™ (VANG™) announces that it will commemorate its 5th year anniversary by hosting its annual celebration of Vietnamese Americans in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 2-4, 2008. VANG™ embraces Vietnamese American heritage and pride by bringing together hundreds of Vietnamese American luminaries, including elected officials, corporate sponsors, influential community and business leaders– all who come together to share one common vision: To honor America’s best and brightest. The event will culminate with the highly anticipated annual Oscar®-like black-tie Gala, which this year take’s place at Caesars Palace on May 3, 2008.

VANG™ has elected John D. Tran as its 2008 Executive Director, managing this year’s festivities and Gala event. Mr. Tran also serves as VANG’s General Counsel. “I am honored and privileged to serve as VANG’s 2008 executive director and appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated group of volunteers and leaders nationwide. As a team, we look forward to continuing and celebrating the history and vision that VANG has so passionately championed,” states John D. Tran.

Professionally, Mr. Tran is an Attorney and a founding partner at the law firm of Buus Kim Kuo & Tran LLP (“BKKT”), which was named one of the top trademark firms in the nation in 2007. At BKKT, Mr. Tran heads up the firm’s Intellectual Property practice (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights), and counsels a wide range of clientele, ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, assisting them with all of their legal and corporate needs.

VANG™ 2008 is held in conjunction with the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a month-long celebration in May, which honors the achievements of Asian Pacific Americans and recognizes their contributions to America.
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Justin Lin’s “Finishing the Game” coming to a city near you!


Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters:

FINISHING THE GAME, our new independent film, has been an opportunity to revisit our indie roots and reunite with many in the BETTER LUCK TOMMOROW family. The challenges of making a no-budget film are harsh and demanding, but at the same time, it is filmmaking in its purest form. Clearly, passion on the part of the cast and crew made this film possible. Now we are hoping to share FINISHING THE GAME with you as it comes out in theaters and into your homes.

When BETTER LUCK TOMORROW was released, we showed Hollywood that we are a viable audience. In an industry governed by box office receipts, there is strength in numbers. The turnout for the film sent a clear message that we demand to see ourselves on screen as multi-dimensional characters. Five years later, we are asking for your support again. At this point, we need to demonstrate that BETTER LUCK TOMORROW was not a fluke; we are a vital consumer community that will no longer be ignored. However, out of respect for your time, energy and taste, we don’t want you to come see the film simply because it¹s an “Asian American” project. Rather, we want you to connect to the work itself and let the film stand on its own. We welcome you to take a look at the FINISHING THE GAME trailer on our website:

Among other things, it features a behind-the-scenes look at our journey from BLT to FTG that was made by film student Anson Ho.

We are happy to announce that IFC Films, our supportive partner, will be distributing FINISHING THE GAME. However, this “platform release” is merely an opportunity and, in certain ways, an uphill battle. The lifespan of a truly independent film is determined on a week-by-week basis. Every weekend could be its last.

Through making studio films, I have learned that “word of mouth” is the most important aspect of any film’s release. A big budget movie could buy up every billboard and flood TV with commercials in order to generate audiences. An indie film does not have the budget or the platform to do that. But, the great equalizer is the viewer. Good or bad, every film is ultimately subject to “word of mouth.” It’s simple: if you like the film, tell your friends. And if they like it, they should do the same. FINISHING THE GAME will open in New York on October 5th at the IFC Center; October 19th in San Francisco and Berkeley; and October 26th in Los Angeles, San Diego, Costa Mesa and Minneapolis.

We are also excited to announce that on October 5th, aside from its traditional theatrical release, the film will simultaneously be available ON DEMAND in 42 million homes in the United States through every cable and satellite TV distributor. This is something we are extremely excited about because it could potentially bring more of us together and build a distribution model for future Asian American films.

By supporting projects with representation and elements that you want to see, you are sending a clear message to the decision makers in Hollywood. If we can get enough people to do the same, then we will truly have a voice. So please share this with your friends and family. Thank you for your time.

Justin Lin

Viet Model Project airs Reality TV model show on Saigon Broadcast Television Network

Viet Model Project just aired its first showing of their new reality TV show on Saigon Broadcast Television Network.

The first ever Viet Model Project brought together 30 Vietnamese beauties in August and announced its winner, Alex Tran, with the $10,000 grand prize and a national cover spread.

The program airs at 12:00 AM midnight PST on SBTN.

alex tran

Above is a picture of Viet Model Project winner, Alex Tran.

Storyline Designs Presents The VudooSoul Tour 2007


Storyline Designs Presents The VudooSoul Tour 2007

Tour to Kick-Off Oct. 26 in Charlotte, NC

New York, NY – October 8, 2007 – In the weeks leading up to the release of his highly anticipated second album, R&B sensation and American Idol finalist VudooSoul will take the show on the road with an exciting 6-city tour. Each high-energy date will feature fan favorites, “Lover Come Over,” “Infatuated,” and “Oh Too Late,” as well as current hit “Lazy,” and other never-before heard cuts from his new album due out Winter 2007. VudooSoul will be accompanied by his star-studded band, representing some of the country’s elite jazz/R&B musicians hailing from Boston, New York, New Orleans, & Japan.

Presented by Storyline Designs | Events by Kym Pham, a newly-launched event planning company with a growing clientele of artists, the VudooSoul Fall Tour 2007 will have continuous interaction with its fans as it passes through each city. Its website will feature exclusive content, including a daily tour blog from the road and photo galleries posted by the team and fans alike.

“VudooSoul is one of my favorite singers to watch live not only because of his amazing voice, but, more than that, his PASSION. We lack passion in our society and every time he’s on stage, he moves the crowd,” states Paul Kim, Founder and Executive Director of Kollaboration, a Pan-Asian talent show that propels talent into the limelight of the music and entertainment industries. Be sure to check out Kollabor8tion next February at the Orpheum Theater in downtown LA.

“As a talent show producer of eight years, one thing I’m always looking for is: Does the performer MOVE people? Ask any girl in the audience after one of his shows if they want to take him home and they will say ‘yes’. VudooSoul proves Asian men are sexy. As I always say, it’s not about size, it’s about surprise,” he continues. “If you haven’t heard VudooSoul sing yet, you will. His voice carries far and will bring him to your city soon.”

Indeed it will.

In the past, his music has already found its way not only to venues in every major U.S. region, but also internationally, in places such as Hong Kong. This fall, The Vudoosoul Tour 2007 will kick off on October 26 in Charlotte, NC and will wrap up in New York City on Halloween. Full details about the first ever VudooSoul Tour, including dates and tour stops, are available on MySpace. For the cities the VudooSoul Tour 2007 does not reach, you can request your city to be added to the next tour at or simply be on the lookout for news about The VudooSoul Tour 2008!

Don’t miss getting a taste of what American Idol Judge Randy Jackson meant when he confided in VudooSoul that he had “never imagined a voice like THAT coming out of a body like yours!”

And neither will you.

Below is the schedule of tour dates for the VudooSoul Tour 2007:

Friday, October 26 Charlotte, NC UNC Charlotte Lucas Room
Saturday, October 27 Durham, NC Carolina Theater
Sunday, October 28 Abermarle, NC Stanly County Agri-Civic Theater
Monday, October 29 College Park, MD UMCP Nyumburu Cultural Center
Tuesday, October 30 Carlisle, PA The Depot at Dickinson College
Wednesday, October 31 New York, NY The Bitter End

For more information: /

Kym Pham
Event Stylist, Storyline Designs

Asian eXcellence Awards on E! Entertainment TV tonight!

For those of you who missed the monumental Asian eXcellence Awards, it will be airing mainstream for the first time tonight, Thursday, May 24th at 6 PM EST (3 PM PST) with a one-hour special on E! Entertainment.

Please support and watch the show so we can have more Asian American programming on television. Also check out the hottest Asian American stars in the entertainment world being recognized and honored.

How will Cho Seung-Hui’s Virginia Tech shooting effect Asian Americans?

by Peter Nguyen

Cho Seung-Hui Picture of Virginia Tech Shooting

In the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year old Korean student, was out on a mission to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. America doesn’t know much about Asian Americans other than the racially-profiled stereotypes described in the media with Model Minority traits like being quiet, hard working, family oriented, and intelligent. Unfortunately, finally when Asians do get in the news, it’s for one of U.S. history’s deadliest tragedy.

One source stated:

According to unconfirmed rumors available to The Reference Frame, the killer was a 6-foot tall male Asian – I suppose East Asian – student between 20 and 25 years from Radford University whose girlfriend from Virginia Tech left him. He had two guns (at least one of which was a 9 mm caliber handgun) and wore a vest – probably a bulletproof vest – with
too much ammunition as well as a maroon cap and a black leather jacket.

In the morning around 7:15 am, he went to her dormitory in the West Ambler Johnston Hall. She was not there so he shot her roommate and the residential assistant. They didn’t shut down the university, so he continued and tried to find the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the classroom of the Norris Hall (engineering) a few hours later. He didn’t know the exact location, so he has visited a few classes, lined up all students against a wall, and shot them one by one – and then himself by a shot into his head.

CNN reported:

The gunman who killed 30 people at Virginia Tech’s Norris Hall before turning the gun on himself was student Cho Seung-Hui, university police Chief Wendell Flinchum said Tuesday.

University officials said they were still trying to determine if Cho was responsible for an earlier shooting at a dormitory that left two dead.

However, Flinchum said ballistics tests show that one of the two guns recovered at Norris Hall was used at Norris and at the dorm.

Cho, a 23-year-old South Korean and resident alien, lived at the university’s Harper Hall, Flinchum said. He was an English major, the chief said.

Cho was a loner and authorities are having a hard time finding information about him, said Harry Hincker, associate vice president for university relations.

What can we learn from this now? What are your thoughts on the motives of how might Asian and/or American culture have played a role in this? How can relationship heartaches lead to such a an extreme massacre? Many sources said he was constantly teased and harrassed by other students. Was this out of racial frustration?

This goes against most mainstream Americans stereotypical beliefs of Asians. So will Asians be more racially stereotyped and bigoted in America or will this event give America more perspective on how Asians don’t fit in one stereotypical box? Maybe even break down some racial walls?

After the Columbine shooting, that didn’t have America thinking about how corrupted white Americans are, they just concluded that there are some bad people in this world. I doubt if race will be overlooked. Most importantly, how can we all grow from this incident?

Speak your mind, we all want to listen…

Viet Model Project are doing things right

There has been a rise of Vietnamese beauty pageants these past few years. From local to national to international pageants, the Vietnamese American community sure has a thing for beautiful women.

We had the opportunity to talk to the guys from one of the latest projects called the Viet Model Project. 25 of the most beautiful Vietnamese women in the world will compete in hopes to gain mainstream spotlight, a national magazine spread, and a $10,000 grand prize. If you think you have what it takes to become a model and want a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s not too late. Register yourself at before April 15th! Mark your calendars because the main event will be held on August 18, 2007.

If a modeling career isn’t your deal, Miss Vietnam Global is the best beauty pageant out there. With over 5000 in attendance last year, this first-class beauty contest has some of the most beautiful Vietnamese women in the world. A $20,000 cash prize is given to the winner. Applications are due on March 31st. To find out more about registration, click here. The main event will be happening on June 30, 2007 in Las Vegas.