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Exclusive interview with Kenneth Eng!

Hot as Pho was allowed the opportunity to have an exclusive unedited interview with Kenneth Eng at the end of this week. Since our site is one of the top site to stir up more Kenneth Eng talk, we used it as leverage to get an interview. Now it’s your turn to speak up. We are giving you, our readers and fans, a chance to ask him anything you want.

Please comment any questions you have for Kenneth Eng and we will try and get as many of those answered for you!

8 Responses

  1. Kenneth:

    How do you respond to the notion that your controversial opinions regarding race and status in America are a thinly-veiled ploy designed only to sell your fantasy fiction?

    And, aren’t there friendlier ways of gaining notoriety?

    Lastly, what do you hope to achieve by saying Blacks are inferior? Other than an ass-whuppin’, that is.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Following up:

    Why does a dragon need an Uzi?



  3. I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from with your abrasive words against the Blacks. I will honor your words by volunteering to box with Al Sharpton for 3 rounds. Since he is older, I will handicap myself by just using one arm to box him.

  4. Does Mr Eng still desire to live in anger or is he will to let go of the past for a new experience?

  5. Why did he post a video about the Virginia Tech shooting where he appeared to be laughing about what occurred?

  6. If people continue to ignore you, or if people continue to attack you (your ethnicity, your intelligence, your integrity, etc) — what do you think you will do eventually?

  7. What kind of people do you like?

  8. Why is Hot as Pho giving this hate monger more press?

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