Asian eXcellence Awards on E! Entertainment TV tonight!

For those of you who missed the monumental Asian eXcellence Awards, it will be airing mainstream for the first time tonight, Thursday, May 24th at 6 PM EST (3 PM PST) with a one-hour special on E! Entertainment.

Please support and watch the show so we can have more Asian American programming on television. Also check out the hottest Asian American stars in the entertainment world being recognized and honored.


Exclusive interview with Kenneth Eng!

Hot as Pho was allowed the opportunity to have an exclusive unedited interview with Kenneth Eng at the end of this week. Since our site is one of the top site to stir up more Kenneth Eng talk, we used it as leverage to get an interview. Now it’s your turn to speak up. We are giving you, our readers and fans, a chance to ask him anything you want.

Please comment any questions you have for Kenneth Eng and we will try and get as many of those answered for you!