AsianWeek Removes Samson Wong as Editor-in-Chief

Dear Petition Signer,

Leaders of the civil rights organizations that initiated the protest against AsianWeek’s publication of a hate speech column against African Americans today noted the newspaper’s decision to remove Samson Wong as editor-in-chief.

The masthead of the newspaper’s March 30 issue shows that Wong’s title is now “Senior Editorial Consultant.”

“We asked AsianWeek to hold the editor responsible for publishing the piece accountable,” said Gen Fujioka, program director at the Asian Law Caucus. “Though the community still needs to hear directly from AsianWeek, we hope this indicates a step towards healing the hurt caused both to African Americans and also the vast majority of Asian Americans who abhor the racism expressed by the previous article.”

“From the start, this has not been just an issue of hate speech, but an issue of journalistic judgment and responsibility,” said Vincent Pan, executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action. “All communities must be vigilant against bigots and racists, as well as those who hand them microphones.”

After initially denying any wrongdoing, AsianWeek issued an apology and fired Kenneth Eng, the writer of a column titled “Why I Hate Blacks” that advocated discriminating against African Americans.

Immediately after the column was published, a national coalition of APA and civil rights organizations called on AsianWeek to, among other things, review its editorial policy and process and hold those responsible for the decision to publish the Eng piece accountable.

Thank you very much for signing our petition and lending your support on this issue!

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Journey From The Fall Opens with a Bang

Ham Tran’s Journey From The Fall, in its opening weekend release, earned the highest per-screen average of any film in the country with $21,861 per screen. The movie premiered in four theaters in New York, Organge County and San Jose. Huge support from the Vietnamese American community made the biggest impact in the large turnout.

This is a historical moment to see a Vietnamese film directed by a Vietnamese American to break some ground in the mainstream movie industry. Journey From The Fall begins to open up in other major cities. Find out if it’s coming to your cities by clicking here.

Thanks AngryAsianMan for reporting this first.

Viet Model Project are doing things right

There has been a rise of Vietnamese beauty pageants these past few years. From local to national to international pageants, the Vietnamese American community sure has a thing for beautiful women.

We had the opportunity to talk to the guys from one of the latest projects called the Viet Model Project. 25 of the most beautiful Vietnamese women in the world will compete in hopes to gain mainstream spotlight, a national magazine spread, and a $10,000 grand prize. If you think you have what it takes to become a model and want a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s not too late. Register yourself at before April 15th! Mark your calendars because the main event will be held on August 18, 2007.

If a modeling career isn’t your deal, Miss Vietnam Global is the best beauty pageant out there. With over 5000 in attendance last year, this first-class beauty contest has some of the most beautiful Vietnamese women in the world. A $20,000 cash prize is given to the winner. Applications are due on March 31st. To find out more about registration, click here. The main event will be happening on June 30, 2007 in Las Vegas.

Vietnamese Pride video on YouTube

Journey from the Fall video contest

Inspired by the true story of refugees from Vietnam who have fled their country after the fall of Saigon, Journey from the Fall is an award-winning movie that journeys the life of a family’s struggle for freedom.

Now it’s your turn. They want to hear your story. Submissions should be in DVD, Mini DV, DV Cam, DVC Pro, Beta SP, or Digi Beta format and sent to ImaginAsian Pictures (ATTN: My Journey), 19 W. 44th St., 9th Floor, New York, NY 10036. All videos must be submitted with a completed entry form. The entry form can be downloaded here. For more information about “My Journey, My Story”, please e-mail

Selected winners will be featured in the Journey from the Fall DVD (Special features section).

What is your family’s struggle for freedom? We want to hear from you!

Unsigned Tila Tequila goes #2 on the Music Video Chart

There are probably only a few of you out there who do not have Tila Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila, on their friends list on MySpace. The once model-turned-musican has gained popularity by having MySpace’s most popular profile. She has released her first single “I Love U” this past Tuesday. She is counting on her nearly 1.7 million “friends” to help her become the first unsigned artist in history to land on the Top 20 Billboard chart.

Well, as of today, she has made it #2 on the Music Video Chart (behind Fergie) and #52 on the Top 100 Music Chart. Incredibly, she has enough loyal fans that are supporting her. How about that, a Vietnamese American in the top charts in the music industry. Two Vietnamese Americans have broken into the entertainment scene by winning television contests: Dat Phan (Last Comic Standing) and Chloe Dao (Project Runway).

“Hell… even make #1!” she says on her blog. The Toast of MySpace Tries the Music Business.