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Kenneth Eng hates blacks and so do you, apparently

by Peter Nguyen

Kenneth Eng from AsianWeek magazine, who claim to be “the Voice of Asian America”, wrote a very racist article called “Why I Hate Blacks”. During his ignorant rampage he stated that Blacks hate us, are easy to coerce and are weak-willed. He rationalizes a lot of his statements by his own infrequent, personal encounters of his high school days.

This article was published by AsianWeek and now is currently taken off their website. See the article for yourself by clicking here.

“Eng’s article is unacceptable and offensive not only to African Americans, but to all Americans,” said Karen K. Narasaki, President and Executive Director of the Asian American Justice Center. “AsianWeek has a responsibility to its readers and to the community to take immediate and appropriate action to repair the serious damage it has caused by publishing this piece.”

“Asian Americans do not share Eng’s extremely racist views. Asian Americans need to take this opportunity to reach out and build a constructive dialog,” said Yvonne Lee, Former Member of the US Commission on Civil Rights.

Kenneth Eng, who has described himself as an “Asian Supremacist,” has written several columns for AsianWeek since November, including pieces titled “Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us” and “Why I Hate Asians.”

An online petition is available at: http://www.capaweb.org/awpetition. Asian American leaders call on all individuals to contact AsianWeek on this matter at (415) 397-0220 or at asianweek@asianweek.com.

AsianWeek has released a more thoughtful apology: AsianWeek’s Statement and Apology. “We have heard the call and Mr. Eng has been terminated from writing for the paper.” Too little, too late. I wouldn’t be surprised if the the publication goes down the drain pretty soon.

Guess some people never learn or grow up. Here’s Kenneth Eng in an interview on Fox News.


It’s your turn to stand up for justice and fight ignorance. So what do you feel about the article?

81 Responses

  1. I would like to say that I am a proud Afican – American mix. I am also mixed with Chinese, and more. I just wanted to say that all the comments that Mr. Eng is all based on High School issuse. I am here to let you all know that all blacks are like that.I can say that because, I have a High School Diploma and I am starting college soon as well. But one thing that I want to get acroos to every one is that, just because there is one bad apple dont mean the whole bag of them are bad. and I leave with that. if you want to say something to me feel free to email me at xxred_doggxx@hotmail.com.

  2. […] its site but, it’s still in the print version of the paper. However, one industrious site, hotaspho.com has the original article in PDF format […]

  3. How sad that he would say such things and base them on such nonsense. First of all,he should take a history class. Jewish people were enslaved for a thousand years and none would claim the Hebrews are weak–slavery has nothing to do with that.

    The claims that black people hate Asians is also ridiculous–the whole article is garbage anyhow–there are so many bridges that have been built over the years, appreciation and celebrating of the culture’s differences and embracing of the similarities.

    Sigh. The holes in his petty article are too numerous to get into. And I’m sure that this will just get him more publicity for his work, which is probably the real objective to this his piece. Those that are bigots are bigots against all people, including their own culture–hence his article “Why I Hate Asians.” If that article was as offensive as this one, I’m surprised that he wasn’t fired before now. Maybe it was excused because he is Asian and most people feel that criticisms of ones own culture are acceptable, I don’t know. Ignorance needs to be checked appropriately regardless.

    What I do know is that such uninformed people need to open their eyes and realize that there’s much more to the world than their limited experiences. The narcissism which is so commonly a part of the psychological make-up of such people clouds their understanding and prevents them from truly learning about others, no matter how much knowledge they accumulate. It’s really, really sad.

  4. Interesting diatribe by Mr. Eng. Having lived in the US and in Europe one thing is becoming clearer every day. We are OBSESSED with race. What is with people like this. Get over it!

    People like Mr. Eng issue such decrees because they are angry about something that stunted their ability to obtain something better. I have one thing to say to Mr. Eng. I am not obsessed with being upset at Asian Americans. I hope that every Asian American has the opportunity to obtain the American dream.

    I have a doctorate in engineering from UC Berkeley. Mr. Eng probably would automatically asume that I cheated my way through. The only thing I cheated on in school was playing Monopoly with friends and fellow students in my department (mostly Asians I might add) and taking their money while they haggled over who was going to get up and get the next round of beers.

    Perhaps you might spend time working on the American dream rather than ranting on about how others and focus on your own personal growth and well being, you might obtain a greater sense of self.

    Just a final note… There are weak minds in every race– black, white, asian,etc. You have shown yours to the open world. If you think that makes you look smarter than the rest of us, you are consistent in showing your ignorance along with them. They are from the gutter and so are you.

  5. Although Kenneth Eng rhetoric’s may sound “racist” in our politically correct society, but it is not without some foundation. I often walked by some Blacks and they just say things like “ching chog, ding ling dong” for no apparent reason besides that they are not happy with their blackness and then they get jealous of my Asianess. But not every black is like that. There are some very educated blacks too. People are just people. There are smart people and stupid people. I am glad that Kenneth Eng pointed out some of the hidden racism against Asians in America.

  6. I agree with Mr. Yang. The claim that Blacks dislike Asians isn’t completely without foundation. In fact, I saw a rather racist video post on Myspace with such an encounter, and from reading the comments most people found the verbal abuse in this video to be funny.

    That said, there’s a good deal of racism on behalf of Asians towards other minority groups also, and within the cultures of asia itself there are racial tensions.

    Even the native americans have come under fire for kicking out african americans from their tribes.

    This doesn’t come out in the mainstream very often, because the whites who control the media outlets see things as themselves and others, but the relations of the others to each other is seldom well analyzed.

    Racism exists in every culture and we need to make an attempt to understand people of different races. I don’t think Kenneth Eng was alone in his feeling. He probably speaks things that others deliberately leave unspoken. Don’t you all find it interesting that Asian Week chose to run the article in the first place. An editor using the editorial discretion of one a reasonably competent and prudent editor definitely would have caught an article that said “Why i hate Blacks.” The paper didn’t apologize until the firestorm had begun. Probably the only reason the paper is sorry is because it brought shame to them in the national media.

    Rather than hanging Eng out to dry, there needs to be more open discussion on race, and in that discussion, race should not be treated as a case of white people and other people, but rather the complex interrelationship between nonwhite peoples of different cultures needs to be explored more, especially since a lot of them are pitted together in the same fields, same neighborhoods, and compete for the same opportunities.

  7. i am white but i live in a black country and i love blacks and i also love my people and also asians and indians

    everyone has a right to exist

    if u supress a popular opinion it only resurges with more power

    there shud be no censorship about opinions, let him say what he wants, the blacks can handle it if they even read the article… not too many blacks read asian week

    if someone writes “why i hate whites” it wudn’t cause such furor

    think about it

  8. Mr. Eng is clearly a sociopath. The larger question should be why he was allowed to publish this foolish and immature rant in the first place.

  9. Anyone who makes comments or formulates opinions about a vast and varied group of individuals baised on personal observations involving limited contact needs an educatiion on reserch. Anyon who claims blacks were the only ones enslaved for 300 years needs an education in history. FInally anyone who does not realize that slavery is an economic institution which reflects on the more on the greed of the enslaver than the slave needs a lesson in economics.

  10. Hatred is sad, no matter what form it is wrapped in. Mr. Eng did not call attention to hatred by saying, “This happened to me and I want to talk about it.” He said, “This happened therefore ALL People who are this color have mistreated me and hate my race.” The problem is that in saying the second he became a participator in hatred and lost his identity as a victim of it. Inter-racial, intra-racial and racial hatred exist, there is no doubt about it. I don’t think that there is one country were someone has not experienced it turned against them or someone they love. But, how do we resolve it? We cannot always change the mind of the hateful person we bump into but we can act in a way that proves them wrong. Eng may have been hurt, but he proved something to an entire nation, that he had bad intentions, and I am sure that was not his goal. I don’t know Mr. Eng and I refuse to speak ill of the man, I am sorry for the injustices that happened to him, I am sorry that he felt so beaten up by people of the African-American race, and I am sorry that he feels the need to attack religion in the process. I only hope that through this someone of color will reach out to him and prove to him that he is wrong. We should all be so lucky.

  11. It seems that Kenneth’s column about whites hating asians is going unnoticed. So, why is he sacked for his column about blacks? Does it mean that blacks in the US wield more power and influence than whites? Or does it mean that Kenneth’s column about whites is true but his column about blacks is untrue?
    In my opinion, it is the white community who wish to shut Kenneth Eng up and is using his anti-black remarks as ammunition while keeping quiet about his anti-white remarks which is the real reason for pressure being brought upon him.
    Also, i notice thousands of anti-muslim remarks on the internet. Obviously, the people of the US see nothing wrong in the jailing without trial and the torture of muslims. The people of the US do not have to write a column titled “why I hate muslims?”. They can go to Iraq and kill and torture them “for real”.

  12. Let’s all grow up. Every minority in this counrty including anglo americans have all been attacked or have been stereotyped. What’s the suprise?

  13. What a nerd. Dragons dragons dragons.
    Poor guy just needs a girlfriend.

  14. I think the fellow needs counseling.

  15. and I agree with Bill above –a girlfriend couldn’t hurt.

  16. What pathetic comments so far. The guy was expressing his opinion about his own experience, big deal.

    And the gf jibes, grow up, are you all that insecure that you insist others need another human being to penetrate? And anyway why can’t he have a bf?

    yer buncha sheep.

  17. Eng came to a messageboard I moderated once upon a time and was roundly ridiculed for his stance, which seems not to have changed.

    He quickly left.

    I would encourage everyone to ignore him unless directly affected by him. Idle gossip does not change the world. Attention only fuels this, a very stupid marketing ploy to push his novels. About dragons with an Uzi. And a sword. And a .45.

    He is young, passionate, and articulate. And needs time, and perhaps no small measure of wise guidance, to allow him to see the repercussions of his own actions. Right now he does not. Perhaps he cannot.

    I am ashamed to say that he shames me, someone who does not even know him personally.

    Still, to be human is to make mistakes. My mistake is thinking Eng somehow reflects upon me, he doesn’t. One day I hope Eng realizes his mistake, for his world will be a much brighter place for having done so.

    But it will be quite funny if he does not. Funny in the Luis Buñuel sense of the word. And, no, I’m not sure if that makes any sense.

    You know what WOULD make sense?

    Gun-totin’ dragons!!

  18. I read the article and thought it might be an opportunity for the two communities to talk to each other. I filed a segment with Mr Floyd Mori of the Japanese American Citizens League. We posted 2 segments on YouTube ad here are the links. Please view them and express you comments.
    Maurice Carver Executive Producer/Host – Black Men Screaming

  19. I’m African American, 50 years old, and I haven’t ever worried about who might hate us. I simply say “Who hates us now?” Do I give a damn … No. Does it stop me from doing anything I want to do … No. Do I teach my 19-yr old son to worry about that kind of sh*t .. no. Line Kenneth Eng up with the KKK, the native americans who just booted their Black kin out, and some recently arrived latinos from South America … and shoot a family picture … they hate us too. Once my family was freed from slavery, we became land owners, doctors, lawyers, at least one judge, scores of government workers (including me) and one minsiter who you can view on “The Secret” video. Let Kenneth Eng spew his mess. It makes no difference to my people.

    My family is no different from any other American family. We have some wonderful people in our family and we have some knuckleheads … I’m sure Eng is the knucklehead in his family.

    My cousin married a Filipino woman over 30 years ago, one of their daughters married a White man, and when we go to their annual family picnic, we may as well have the United Nations there. So many colors, and textures among family and friends … and kids of all complexsions running around the yard. As it should be. I know I’m looking at the future America.

  20. I think Mr. Eng’s comments should be published as an extension to an issue that was destined to be explored by someone. This is America afterall! I am a black American, and I was not offended by his comments because they were incorrect. However, I will say that I know only one black person who has an Asian as her friends. This is sad, but true.

    Most blacks I knew as a child and now feel that some Asians think low of them, and only want to assiciate with white people. This is not true of all Asians, but I have to say I’ve never seen one living in most black neighborhoods I’ve lived and visited throughout America.

    Clearly this was an emotional tirade by one Asian guy accusing all black people. But, don’t we as black people make the crucial mistake of accussing all whites in certain circumstances? I was raised in Texas, and honestly, I have never truly known an Asian person as a friend. I have a Masters from Columbia University, and I remember this Asian guy who hated black people for no reason. He would rant to all the white people about them, and the white would laugh at him, and tell him that if he did not like black Americans, then he was in the wrong country. I tried to talk to this gentlemen, but he was not hearing it. Oh well….

    Most of the Asian students tended to associate only with the white students, both in high school and college, even at Columbia University. Go figure!

    I always found this strange considering that we (blacks) communicated with the whites, spanish, and other blacks. Why did these two cultures miss each other? They seemed to have found each other in Jamaica. 🙂

    Seriously, I think it is lack of knowledge. Since I have moved away (and Texas has changed significantly), I am now about to take Mandarin because I believe that all Asian cultures are great no matter what the Mr. Eng’s of the world may think. He should come to my shack for a big plate of fried chicken, and, if I can make out the words, I will read him some of Aesop’s Fables. 🙂 :):):):)

  21. I see that ignorance is not the sole property of one ethnic group. Let’s be clear. I am an african american. proud of it. I am not nor have I ever been “jealous” of anyones “asian-ness”, and by the way…what in the hell does thast mean…?
    Anyway; I make it a point to hate only those people who hate me. I don’t hate an entire people, I have to know who you are…face to face. you hate me…? I hate you…quid pro quo. I’d like to think that I am a bigger man than that, to hate someone just because they hate me. I’m not. Nope. yYou hate me; I hate you because of it.
    As for some fool writing a piece on why he hates Blacks? Who the hell cares? When has it ever been necessary for anyone to hate blacks? fabricated reasoning is a team sport in the U.S.
    If blacks felt it necessary to respond to every fool with access to a keyboard, we wouldn’t have nearly the time needed to shape most of the worlds popular culture. Gotta rest SOMEtime.
    Personally, I like most asians I’ve met…some i did not…same as i feel about most people; blacks included. who gives a crap about what some fool who was made to feel effeminate in high school.
    So a few black idiots crapped on you when you were young; and so now you feel justified in hating an entire people. smells like rationalization to me. if you want to hate, hate, but don’t attempt to blame it on some affront real or imagined by some anonymous ignorant black guy. thats crap. wake the hell up. life is far too interesting, varied and full of promise to waste time posturing and pretending. the same way YOU hate X, YOU are hated by Y, and Y by Z. you’re not unique Mr. Eng, even in your ignorance…X, Y, and Z has ignorant people in their populace also. so, then you are not alone. Buck up lil’ Buckeroo. I don’t hate YOU…even if you are a fool.

  22. Well oh my god. Having just watched the Fox interview with angry Ken it seems doubtful the boy is a racist. He hates whites,blacks,asians,religion,humans and generally the world at large. Something about his being god, some confused ramblings about Cyber dragons taking over the medieval world and a life full of discrimination and people hating him. Probably closer to the truth is he is and was an unlikeable kid who carried a bad attitude with him regardless of who he was dealing with. He claims his only reality is his own consciousness therefore he should be adored as god. Freakin hilarious. Ultimately he appears to be a frantic disorientated cyber youth who’d love to be a 15th century metal dragon??? trying to sell a science fiction book. His publishers should be ashamed of themselves for scraping such snot from under the table. Dragon ? Obviously ignored since infancy shame on us all for even allowing him to drag on.



  25. I am Afro-American….what ever that matters…Anyway, my point is, aside from all the Ken’s racist remarks, does dude seem a few sandwiches short of a picnic? I found myself almost in tears laughing at his replies to the fox guys questions. Ive never herd such intelligent, pointless rambling in my life.

    Ken..youre a real nut job…lol

  26. Jason, you got that right. See his foot and his weird posture? He was scared sh!tless! Here’s why…
    In a radio discussion of the interview later, Gibson called Eng “a nut job” and said, “He wasn’t actually wearing a strait jacket, believe it or not.” “He was a little besiged when he came in,” Gibson said. “He comes in the studio and immediately does a 360. There’s Jack, the guy who does the audio, who’s black; Oscar, the cameraman who focuses on him is black,” and so are two other members of the radio crew. “He was feeling a little besieged,” Gibson repeated.

    Gibson asks why he’s so angry…
    He’s angry because he scored high on some BS online IQ test and people aren’t lining up to kiss his ass and yield to his childish temper tantrums. “Ohh, people were MEAN to me!” But it doesn’t occur to him that people don’t like him because he’s a total asshat! He doesn’t know the MEANING of suffering if that’s all he’s got to bitch about!
    I had a miscarriage while on active duty because some dumbassed redneck sailors thought blacks shouldn’t be reproducing or because they hated having to call my father “Sir” when he came to visit my squadron! I’d like to see him try living next door to an airforce officer with the same hangup who names his black dog SAMBO and teaches it to growl and bark at you! Try watching rednecked bullies call your best friends “nigger-lover”! You want to know what’s hard? Going through all that while remaining unbiased! The fact is, some people are so pathetic that all they have is something as arbitrary as race to feel good about themselves! He’s nothing but a social pariah who should not be heard, but smacked into submission until properly educated. The only reinforcement he’s gotten are from people as ignorant as he. Society gains nothing from it, except the knowledge that the ignorance persists, when it should be taxable, painful and subject to imprisonment. He calls himself courageous for speaking his mind, but if it’s nothing but lies, racism, and unenlightened bullshit, he NEEDS to just STFU and listen to people with real BRAINS. Otherwise he’s just screaming, “I’m and ignoramous!”

  27. I generally don’t like Blacks and I don’t like Whites that much either. So what? I don’t even have the right to choose whom I dislike?? I will never read AsianWeek again.

  28. he does have a good point. asians are so underrepresented, it’s not even funny at all. but if he wants to change it, don’t be so racist and radical. don’t stoops below their levels.














  30. […] people can let life get them down. Here is an unfortunate example of that: Kenneth Eng from AsianWeek magazine, who claim to be “the Voice of Asian America”, wrote a […]

  31. Oh my goodness. Is this guy serious? Kenneth Eng is completely insane!

    “…which tells the story of dragons flying in the middle ages, and in this realm, evolution has worked in a more logical way.”

    Uh, WHAT? I think people should just completely disregard everything he’s saying because he’s just rambling on about complete nothingness.

    & in response to one of the commentators up there, Asians and Blacks get along just fine in Texas.

  32. Michele, that’s probably Eng doing his thing again. He goes around different message boards, acting like he’s someone else to agree with himself.


    I’ve had very positive interactions with Asian people in the DC area, Chicago, Florida, everywhere.

    This jerk wasn’t treated badly because he’s Asian, it’s because he’s an asshole. He’s got no one to blame but himself.

  33. Now, I would rather hear from Asian people who have had REAL experiences with racism. In my experience, Asians have been prejudged as being very intelligent and people were intimidated because of that stereotype…. I personally have never felt threatened, but I know it happens with people who aren’t very confident in their own skills.

  34. Ummmm. Wow. I watched the interview and read the article he wrote. First, I can’t believe the article even got printed. Not even because of the overt racism. The writing completely sucks. He jumps from one idea to the next without connecting them and fails to concretely demonstrate how he came to each conclusion. I’m thinking ADHD… Someone else mentioned sociopath. I think they may be on the right track. The man clearly lacks social skills. He couldn’t sit still during the interview, he failed to answer the questions asked of him, and the answers he did provide didn’t go along with the questions. It’s clear he had his own agenda, regardless of the purpose of the interview. He didn’t seem to understand that he wasn’t running things. What a freakshow.

  35. […] Remember Kenneth Eng? […]

  36. Well, it is true. Asians, as do all other non-Blacks, despise Blacks. Non-Blacks get along while Blacks are perpetually hated and outcasted. We are a cursed race (unless you don’t mind ridicule, and only want to stick with your own kind). Thing is, Asians hate Blacks more than any other race.

  37. my wife is (asian) japanese, while i’m (black) jamaican-canadian. in my 7 years of living here in the Greater Tokyo Area, i’ve met many africans who’ve come here to make better lives for themselves. although they face scrutiny and verbal abuse from politicians at large, harassment from the local police force & general fear and apprehension from the general public; i’ve never heard any of them say anything hateful against the people of japan. instead, they appear rather grateful to have escaped the oppressive conditions in their homelands (historically created by europe & europeans).

    in all honesty, i think it’s closer to the truth to say that asians (not asian hyphenates) are genuinely distrustful of and arrogant towards africans (not african hyphenates). even among the asian nationalities, we can observe some hierarchy of hatred. the japanese view koreans & chinese as inferiors. the koreans view the chinese as inferiors. the chinese generally dislike everyone, notably indians and russians.

    i surmise that asians who venture to africa would find that african people would probably be much friendlier/more receptive/more accomodating than if the situations were reversed. in closing, i hope that my observations and real-life experiences as a black person who lives in asia are able to contribute something of use to this dialogue.

  38. what was the name of the korean-american wide receiver for the pittsburgh steelers? very interesting to see how he and his mother were received in korea after his team had won the super bowl, in contrast to how they were ostracized by the korean (in korea) and korean-american (in america) communities. is this an example of bigotry, hypocrisy or something else that i’ve missed? again, without sarcasm, simply my naive curiousity.

  39. I’d put good money down that the kid who did the shooting at VA Tech is either Eng or an Eng fan.
    I knew this freak was a Columbine waiting to happen. When the smoke clears, I’ll just bet….

    They don’t know yet if the kid was a student at the school, just that he was a a young Asian kid.

  40. That video has received several complaints, not only for displaying the personal address of someone he doesn’t like, but for stating that killing off certain types of people wouldn’t make a difference in the world.

  41. RIE, from the way you try and weakly justify the hate that Eng spewed with more hate of your own, you’ve proven that you’re nothing but a hateful racist too. Oh, and FUCK YOU TOO, you asian KKK wannabe.

  42. As an Asian American all I can say is Kenneth Eng is a crazy, racist, nerd. Thanks so much for your contributions to the Asian Community. Jackass! Rie, you’re a weak pathetic bitch.

  43. anyone who thinks rie is a real person is more delusional than kenneth eng. the internet’s filled with imus-type wackos who like/love to stoke the flames. gasoline is their life’s blood & they don’t mind spillin’ it on the fire. if you can’t ignore those kinds of people then you’ve gotta find another way to keep them quiet.

  44. I am an Asian American male who grew up in America. I do have couple of comments after reading some of his writings and watching some of his videos.

    Here are some of my comments:

    1. It is easy for people to label Eng and Rie racists because he is making some very point blank comments about different races. However, most people failed to understand where he is coming from. He is making statements based on his personal experience growing up in America. I hope people will take the time to understand where people like him are coming from and realize there is still a huge racial issue in the USA.

    2. I grew up in an all white neighborhood. I grew up hearing the N word from white people on a regular basis. I have personally experienced race taunting and negative stereotypes from white people. Oh yea, it is easy for them to pick on you cause there are 200 of them and 1 of you. These experiences can either make you become white washed to mingle into their society or become like Mr. Eng.

    3. I have personally experienced “Ching Chung” taunting from black and white people as well. Again, this always occurs when I am completely outnumbered like 10 to 1 or something. A couple of times I got into fights with some of these assholes and couple pulled a gun on me cause they thought I was gonna beat the living crap out of them. Believe me, I was. I guess they been watching too many Kung Fu movies.

    It is natural for Mr. Eng to feel what he did if he experienced these things. I agree with Rie as well. Most of America is still highly RACIST for Asians or any minority. That being said, some of us grow up and realize people are a ll different and not everyone is a racist. Hopefully, Mr. Eng will see that too someday.

    That being said, there are so many negative stereotypes against Asians and especially Asian men in the media it is damn sickening. Until America treats Asians as people and not just lump up into one big group, there will always be people who will become angry and exhibit their anger in different manners. Even now, one does not have to search too far on YouTUBE to see videos made by black and white people making fun of Asians. There are “Black Panther” type of Asian people out there. We are not all passive according to the stereotype and many of us are more than willing to defend our rights with guns if necessary. America is our country too and we have EVERY DAMN right to be as American as the next person.

    That being said, my sympathies goes out to every person that die at the Virgina Tech tragedy. I really hope media won’t turn this into a race/foreign thing and now all the Asian men are crazy killers. The man who did this was an individual with mental illness who had a history of extreme behaviors.

  45. I am a black person, and never had any problems with other Asians. Now Eng may have shit given to him by blacks but these are a small few of people and not the whole race. When will Whites and others learn that the majority of blacks are not thinking about any of you, we respect your culture but we have our own problems and lives to live. What about Asians that gives blacks shit because they are black? Racism occurs everywhere but I have been given shit by whites but i don’t lable all whits as being evil and cruel it is just these few people. I have seen Asians making fun of blacks and hispanics, so lay off it. People need to learn to stop judging people on the basies on race. Asians are racists too, if they weren’t then why are there such problesm with Asians wanting there so called bloodlines pure? Eng is shit….and I hope his views doesn’t represent all of Asian America. Let me tell you something that blacks and latinos have learned about whites, Asians need to stop trying to kiss their ass because they hate you too, just because you are considred to be the model minority doesn’t mean that the movement that you step out of line that they won’t take you down. Remeber, you are not white!

  46. At the end of the day we all bleed red. We need to learn more about each other and find out that there are more similarities than there are differences.

    Be Blessed,


  47. A post on the Black Student Union group I belong to on Facebook led me to do some reading. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about Eng’s article until now.

    I have many stories of discrimination to tell especially in grade school. Since my name was Chong, everyone would always call me Ching Chong, Chun Li, and it used to bother me but after the name calling, we’d still play together. Eventually I learned to talk back but there was no real hatred there. We were kids and kids learn on their own, especially since my parents and I were immigrants, they couldn’t really teach me how to act, I actually taught my parents how American society was.

    I grew up in San Diego which has a nice diverse community and I was very lucky to have tasted that sweet diversity. Since then, I’ve also lived in Tulsa, Oshkosh, and Milwaukee. MAJOR CULTURE SHOCK. The people here in the Midwest are less integrated, especially in rural areas, but I think Wisconsin in general is still slow. The diversity here sucks and it’s cold. =]

    Anyways, even after being taunted, I still respect blacks, whites, hispanics, etc. It just depends on the type of person you are and how you handle situations. I’ve definitely become a lover, I get involved with Black, Latino, Asian Student Unions on my campus and other campuses as well. I was a Big Sister for an inner city Milwaukee Boys and Girls Club where 100% of the kids were black and I loved it!

    I know I can’t expect anyone to be like me, love people the way I do and I’m slowly learning to accept that. I think I have high expectations of people. Anyways, we all need to learn that everyone is different and has different ideas about things because they experience things differently.

    There’s discriminaton everywhere, in any race, any religion.

    It only takes one person to ignite a flame, so instead of writing on message boards, go out to your communities and attempt to build those bridges.

  48. Wow. Just from watching the above video, it’s obvious that this guy really should be forced to get mental help, for the sake of the Asian community.

    First of all, I’m Korean Canadian. I was first made aware of him and his article through some obscure google searches.

    Somebody seriously needs to monitor him and stop him from ever talking to the media. He obviously has no idea what kind of damage he is doing to the Asian community.

    Also, the guys at Asianweek are almost as nuts. How on earth could they allow this guy’s article to printed? It just boggles the mind. They should all be fired.

    When I did read his article, I was disturbed at how common anti-asian racism seemed to be among blacks. He said 90% of them made racist remarks. I have a hard time believing that, but sadly, racism by blacks against Asians is common, and we need to deal with it.

  49. What’s ironic is that if you look at the article above Eng’s, there are comments an asian dance group “incorporating Hip-Hop” into their dance and that it was exhilirating because it seems their peers were “reinventing their heritage and making it their own”

  50. jason (korean-canadian) has your community ever done any kind of outreach to build better relationships with the Black community? or did you have somethin’ else in mind when you said: ” I have a hard time believing that, but sadly, racism by blacks against Asians is common, and we need to deal with it.”?

  51. I’m a Korean American, and I hate black people too like every other Korean in my community. I’d rather say it openly than be hypocrites like some in other races. Truth is, everyone in my community has had nasty, racist things to say about Black people, because of the way they’ve been treated by Blacks.

    Black people, because of their violent and ignorant demeanour get hated by Koreans and others people of other ethnicities. I don’t think this is a matter of color of skin anymore. I would hate a yellow, purple, green man too if they behaved and treated me the way black people do.

    How do you expect a Korean store owner in LA to accept being taunted and called names year after year by young black people and then eventually being robbed and then having your store set on fire again by violent black people and then turn around and pretend he loves blacks?

    Till black people start respecting other cultures, they cannot expect or deserve equal treament. Believe me, Asian hatred towards black is not as superficial as white peoples hate towards black and Asians. We have a damn good reason to hate Blacks.

    Kenneth Eng was just voicing his opinion in an honest manner and free speech has gone to hell in this nation but I still appreciate what he did.

  52. Kenneth Eng, my dear “Sammy” (and by the way, if Mister Eng hates white people so much, why doesnt he change his first name? It’s a white man’s name! What a hypocrite), told the Village Voice that the massacre at Va Tech was the funniest thing he’d ever heard, and that he wants to claim ultimate responsibility for it, and that he’d planned something similar when he was a student at NYU, but never pulled it off because he “couldnt afford a gun”.

    Are you saying that that, Sammy, is just voicing his opinion in an honest manner, and that free speech has gone to hell in this nation, and that you still appreciate what he did?

    I’m white, and I’ve really liked most of the Koreans that I’ve met. But seriously, if Eng doesn’t like black or white people, he needs to get the hell out of Bayside and go the fuck back to Korea…which would be a bit of a project for him, since he doesn’t actually speak Korean.

  53. Michele: Asians and blacks (and whites) get along just fine here in New York City as well. Mister Eng is the one with the problem.

    He’s off his goddamn rocker, and kinda dumb.

    And living in this NYC melting pot, I’ll tell you right now that pretty much everyone of any color hates at least one to two other colors of human around here, but since we’re generally adults and literate in NYC, we make a huge effort to *get along anyway*.

  54. I think that as time has gone on asians are starting to assume the same social positioning as whites have. It seems ok to discriminate against asians now, possibly due to their dominating socioeconomic status at the same level that white and jewish americans have attained. You will find that asians and whites get along remarkably well and that most racism from asian americans is directed towards blacks most likely because they have experienced most of their racism from them. Asians in western countries particularily the U.S are now becoming the new whites as they are discriminated heavily in affirmative action, asian immigrants feel the brunt of this as black immigrants surpass them with higher education attainments thanks to A.A allowances,( despite having from 20-25 iq points higher and working alot harder), as well as these africans immigrants defeating slave decendant blacks with ease,( though in saying that along with white immigrants asians still earn more than these african immigrants, which casts doubt on how helpful A.A has been for them). Overall getting into college and creating successful and non-prejudicial lives for themselves is made more difficult than it already is by Affirmative action etc, as well as racism form predominatly blacks in the U.S. Which may have helped create this form of animosity towards africans like many whites, hispanics and jews have. In saying this im not implying that all asians are free from discrimination from whites etc,( Many whites develop negative and frustrated perceptions towards asians due to their success as a model minority), they just get it more from blacks who i believe,( contrary to popular belief), are the most racist people on the planet. They show prejudice towards whites, jews, asians and most recently hispanics. The latter groups show discrimination towards blacks but not to each other to the same extent,( possibly with the exception of jews). I think that despite Mr Engs rather unpolished and crude statements there is some degree of “homogeny” between him and many other young asian americans in respect to the comments above.

  55. i apologise for my lack of paragraphs( a keyboard fault)

  56. (the logic here is a bit longwinded, but everything I put here was to try and give the best case I could for a hard to defend viewpoint).
    My own opinion is that a great deal of people adopt “political viewpoints” for the sake of conforming to their peers, and having some sort of self justification for attacking someone or something, or more bluntly to be an asshole without any “guilt.” This attitude is sometimes termed a “fascist mentality.”
    I grew up in a fairly liberal area (marin county), and while only 2 black people were in my grade, we were constantly innundated with “pro racist” stuff about blacks, and if anyone uttered a negative thing about black people they were basically lynched for it.
    At some point in time, I went to a not so good (but not to the point you worry about getting mugged) part of San Franciso with some friends, and the experience we got of blacks completely contradicted everything we had been taught. Amongst other things, they were blantly hateful towards us, and once we left our impression of the world changed from that of the isolated suburb we’d lived in.
    After looking into the whole issue, we found that the liberal community at our school would completely deny the notion that black people could be racist in anyway against whites, and that we were real shit bags for assuming negative things could be ascribed to the community.
    As time came on, we learned that liberals held certain perceptions about racism (primarily that you cannot under any circumstances make a generalizations about people), and that regardless of what was taught, they would blantantly attack you and use every possible logical fallacy to dispute the conclusion instead of ever taking a look at it. If you are a “racist”, then people in the liberal subset will channel that energy towacs you in such a way that they can “get to be an ass without guilt.” In time we came to term it as “liberals don’t get why you can’t hate hate.”
    I have personally always had a very positive opinion of asians (since my dad lived in asian for a long time).
    To sum it up very concisely, asians (at least younger ones) tend to be nice, trustable and not really pull anything on you. In addition asian guys always make geeky or nerdy things fun (when I hung around white kids it, the experience would often go…i’m bored…this sucks….let’s do drugs/drink, whereas with asian guys they’d find something random that was really fun.) So, many times I’ve found myself the only white kid in a group of asians. At times they feel it’s a bit weird that I’m there, but I don’t get any real shit about it, and I don’t have to conform myself to how they act.

    Sidenote; A friend of mine went to UC santa cruz (super liberal school) and introduced me to his asian gf from there. I ended up mentioning that I really liked asians because they are consistently nice. She responded “well, it’s wrong to make generalizations, so I am going to be a bitch to you soley to prove not all asians are nice.” (True story).

    Having further sampled different races, I’ve come to feel that
    with blacks: the richer and more educated ones are really cool, and the poorer ones hate white people and are best to be avoided. The biggest issue I have is a general tendancy to trying to physically intimidate the other party when you have an objection to their opinion rather than using an alternate path to adress it (apparently this is a major issue for capitalists who do business in Africa).
    with asians: I basically like, although the type of relationship you get with asian women (as girl friends) doesn’t really appeal to me.
    with hispanics: Give or take everyone I’ve met from mexico really sucked, and everyone I met from south america was really cool. Unfortunately most people can’t tell the difference between the two, and thusfar every counter example I’ve had cited towards the mexican stereotype was from south america.

    Having looked at the actuality verses what the media purports (keep in mind I live in a very liberal area, and it’s quite possible everythin I’ve stated here does not hold true for conservative media) a hierchy seems to exist as follows:
    Whites*(whites may go above asians, but I don’t have enough information to judge it, despite all the previous background information I have. In the other examples it’s a lot more blatant).

    The rule basically is that if someone in one race does something to a race below them, the media doesn’t mention it. Whereas, if someone does something to a race above the media makes a big deal about it.

    For example, in LA county, the area is infested with the hispanic gang MS-13. That gang along with a couple other hispanic groups have been “ethnically cleansing” the area of blacks (since I guess they deem them as an inferior race), and drive by shootings routinely happen for no reason other than that “they were black.” Yet, this fact is barely reported in the bay area’s liberal media, and the only reason I found out about it was because the local (LA) papers publicised a case about a little girl getting killed.

    The basic fact is that in America most groups to some degree follow the actions of their culture, and hold racist biases towards other ones. Liberals deny and attack this notion in every way possible, and as a result keep the debate from ever getting to adressing the underlying causes.
    A few years ago I stumbled across a book called the people’s history of the United States, and the author said originally The US had a few rich land owners and a lot of poor slaves/indentured servants. The slaves were black and the indentured servants were white, and they both got along extremely well with each other. Over time they began to realize that they were getting screwed over by the wealthy upper class and began to collaborate together against them. The elite’s solution was to teach them that all their problems were a result of the other race and not them, and as a result the United States has had an institutionally racist culture ever since (plus it didn’t help that we dehumanized, then killed off the indians, and dehumanized mexico and then stole their land).

    Going back to the media hierarchy. I cannot count how many times an article has been published by a black person dennouncing white people for all the ills of the world (and towards them), and then saying what a god awful race we are. These are typically ignored or sometimes praised by the media. Yet, what happens when whites do the same to blacks? One of my favorite examples to come up is that
    “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.”
    Yet this fact is completely ignored by the media, and a general impression is given that blacks are much greater victims of racist rape than whites.

    So, let’s tie this all together.
    Most of my asian friends feel that blacks hate them, and depending on the person they either are meek and sad about it (typically girls), or make jokes about how black people suck and try to avoid them (typically guys).

    I treated this somewhat as common sense (just the same way if a black guy goes to the south, he will get treated badly) from all the experience I had on the matter. So, when I first heard about Eng’s article I didn’t really think about it. Once the local community shit a brick about it I remembered that asians

  57. Once the local community shit a brick about it I remembered that asians

  58. oh I see can’t enter that character.
    Once the local community shit a brick about it I remembered that asians are less than blacks, so it made sense that this would happen.

    It’s somewhat of a shame his article was written so badly, but then again for a independent publication, you can’t really expect more. Yet, at least some of his points valid, and should be considered. Up to this time however honestly most of the feedback I’ve heard on this issue sounds like the liberal kids at my school going on about what saints black people are, when they live in a rich suburb where there quite frankly are no real black people for them to talk to.

    So in conclusion, Eng despite writing badly is somewhat right. The responses gotten to his article by the liberal crowd however are extremely negative and mostly based off of generalizations they were taught and never tried to objectively determine. I feel that this appreoach beyond being stupid also prevents anything from being done about the actual problems which exist. So in essence by “viciously dennouncing racism, you are in fact fostering its existence.”

    Anyone want to try to respond to this and give something better than “he’s Eng and haxd the server lol”?

  59. […] it that artists are merely reflecting culture? This coming on the heels of Rosie O’Donnell, Kenneth Eng, and Don Imus, it appears we are all becoming as sensitive as Scientologists, but rightfully […]

  60. You’re talking about standing up for injustice, yet you don’t mind interviewing this trash for some extra publicity, do you?

  61. Today (5/21/07), I came across a Los Angeles Times March 23 Opinion article by Erin Aubry Kaplan. Normally, I’m on top of such hot-button topics, but the Kenneth Eng story totally escaped me. Could be because of the Virginia Tech massacre’s continual resonance.

    Comments on this page miss the point that most contributors miss: The experiences I read about contact with black, Asian, Hispanic and white cultures come off as extremely limited–on all side, mind you. I point specifically to Alex, whose “insights” stem from very cursory contact with the above races (except his own, of course) before scurrying back to the sanctity and safety of Marin County:

    “At some point in time, I went to a not so good (but not to the point you worry about getting mugged) part of San Francisco with some friends, and the experience we got of blacks completely contradicted everything we had been taught. Amongst other things, they were blantly hateful towards us, and once we left our impression of the world changed from that of the isolated suburb we’d lived in.”

    To base your entire experience with blacks and how “they were blatantly hateful towards (sic) us” is akin to making a blanket statement that all rap music sucks because you heard one song. And you seem totally surprised by a reaction fostered by centuries of calculated and purposeful condemnation and isolation?

    Understand that racism stems from LONG-HELD MIS-BELIEFS surrounding another race, instituted to create fear, misunderstanding, loathing, mis-trust and separation, specifically to protect the other races’ assets (usually women, money and land) form outsiders/intruders.

    In order to totally understand another race, one MUST spend adequate time with them, or at the very least study their culture beyond the past 500 or so years of their living in America;; you’ll find that the world’s many cultures contributed immensely to inventions, thoughts, architecture, music and more (and, no, rock & roll was not created by Elvis).

    Spend more time with others. You’ll find more similarities than dis-similarities, trust me. It is also important to cast aside any stereotypes and enter the relationship (whether close or business-like) with the realization that they are also in a struggle to interpret life, its successes, rewards, gains and losses.

    More importantly, one must foster a respect and admiration for the very differences that make human life so fascinating. Differences must be respected, not shunned or despised. Please note that I wrote “must” rather than “should” be respected, as that constitutes having a choice; instead, it would be a perfect world if we were made to understand that differences are to be expected. You will come away with a healthy respect for the many contributions ALL races have given the world.

    In conclusion, I live in the area of Los Angeles that suffered killings of blacks based solely on their color. I’m from a mixed family, lived in mixed neighborhoods all of my life. I’ve seen absolutely senseless racist verbiage come from so-called intellectual JPL rocket scientists, especially after 9/11. It’s tiring and oh-so counter-productive.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see the day when a person can walk down a street with no fear of another person of a different color walking toward them. And that’s sad, indeed. I don’t know if we will ever understand that there is no master race, no matter the shade. I only understand that I will always be fascinated and curious about my fellow human being.

    One thing I know for sure, I will never be fearful or mis-trusting. I will always want to know the positive aspects, not the negative side of you. And I will continually be curious about what and who made the world so incredible a place. I’ll simply spend the time finding out, rather than be wrapped in a cocoon with a limited world view.

  62. Queens, NY – Wanna-Be NYU Killer Arrested
    Queens, NY – The hatemonger that boasted that he wanted to terrorize New York University just like Virginia Tech, as was reported here, was arrested so he would be behind bars during NYU’s graduation today.

    Kenneth Eng, 23, was arrested near his home in Fresh Meadows and is being charged with menacing. He has threatened to kill a neighbor and had gone onto her property with a hammer, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said.
    “I was planing on going to NYU and going on a rampage. The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t afford a gun,” Eng said. [NY Post]
    Idiots probably let him out…

  63. Another Point of View, I am an African American female who grew up in America. I do have a couple of comments after reading some of your comments.

    Here are some of my comments:

    1. I know that there are some black people that hold stereotypes about Asians, and react to these biases in real life. I know that some of where his anger is coming from is legit and I don’t completely discount his personal experiences; and think that people should consider some of it without censorship. Still, many black people have had bad encounters with other Asians that come of as condescending, snobbish, and downright racist. Why? Because they hold the same predjudices of us that mainstream society do, if they do not already bring some predjudices with them.Somebody else was going on about how blacks mistreat them in the stores that they own. What about the harassment, poor service, and price-gouging at these stores(half of this may not be the fault of the storeowners, but some of this exploitation is half the time) towards black customers? Alot of black people have had bad encounters with these same storeowners, the same ones in many, though not all, that got the gall to complain about black people. Latinos have probably had similar encounters. I say this not to speak for them, just because someone lumped both groups together.
    2. I went to an all white elementary schools. Faced similar situations. No argument here.
    3. I have had personal experiences of Asians mocking Ebonics, lampooning black culture, and getting looked down on by some Asians for simply being black. I was often outnumbered as well in these encounters the same way you were. I did not do much back because I just did really give a darn about how they felt. I have heard of instances from a few blacks where some blacks have heard Asians talk about them in the company of white friends, business associates, and others who are racist to gain their approval.

    This goes for RIE as well. Here is the other side of the tale.

    Experiences like this may be the cause of some of the mistreatment some blacks direct toward Asians. With all this said, blacks should check their predjudices toward other groups. BUT OTHER GROUPS SHOULD DO THE SAME AND SEE WHERE WE ARE COMING FROM THE SAME WAY WE SHOULD CONSIDER WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM. Those groups should also take note of their faults the same way Blacks should take notes of our own.

  64. Another Point of View, I like that you provided reasons as to why some Asians have issues with blacks, so I ain’t got nothing against you personally. I just wanted to tell the other side of the story. For the other posters imploring other people to shut the heck up, whatever.

  65. Zion, to be fair, your observations may be true, but to be the devils advocate, there is intraracial strife on all continents with all groups, including Africa. But your observations about Asian divisions are not wrong. I can imagine-no, I know-some Asians have not always had the best of encounters with blacks. That does not need to be swept up under the rug just like the reverse situation should not be either.

  66. It was cowardly for AsianWeek to fire Mr. Eng. The Bay Area so boastfully prides itself on how open minded it is, yet in this instance, free speech does not apply. I suppose if the article was “I Hate Whites” or “I Hate America”, it would have been applauded. Eng’s former bosses should be ashamed of themselves.

  67. I read his article and frankly it requires little comment. As an Asian-American I find it insulting to myself personally because my former college roommate was black. He was from Germany and his English was not very good which made him a target for other people to pick on him until I put a stop to it. Because of that the bullies stopped picking on him and I earned myself a lot of respect as a result.

    Years later I got a sales job in a territory where there’s a sizeable African-American population and when one of my Asian clients asked if it was a bad area I said, “What do you mean?” He said because “there are black people” in the area and in response I’m like, “So? I work and eat here everyday.” Though I handled it as diplomatically as I could through my tone I let him know I was not pleased with his stereotype.

    Unfortunately *some* Asians have not always had the best of encounters with *some* African-Americans but at the same time these encounters do not represent both populations. Put these encounters in the past and move forward. Life becomes a LOT easier if we all work together.

    And Mr. Eng, you have a lot of growing up to do, suck my balls.

  68. By the way it sucks to be me right now since my middle and last name are the same as his name. I wanted to become a freelance sports columnist but this piece of garbage just killed that idea. At least I’m ten times more good-looking than he is……

  69. hey eddie you know you could create an aliases like the wrestlers and other hollywood stars, to by pase this tempoary problem. right!!!!!

  70. Better yet I don’t have to say what my middle name is until this jerkoff becomes back page news.

    Though the wrestling thing wouldn’t be a bad idea…..

  71. when is the news format gonna change

  72. It’s bad enough that Mr. Eng had to launch his racist tirade against one community, but in doing that, he’s demonized his own. The Asian community is certainly not entirely racist, nor do we want to be seen as such. Nice job asshole. A lot of good you did us and the rest of humanity.

  73. Well,

    I know that racism does exist pretty much everywhere, but I’ve found certain nationalities are much less racist than others. For instance, I have never met a black person from Africa that hated other races. However, the same is certainly not true of black Americans. I have noticed that most Chinese are not racist; I’ve been treated well by many. However, I have met many Koreans that openly displayed hatred toward other races, although one of the nicest people I’ve ever met also happens to be Korean, and I also had a Korean friend in high school. And I do have racist thoughts often myself, I won’t deny it, but I know most of them are unfounded, and once I hang out with one of my Asian or Hispanic friends, I’ll forget those thoughts and be better off for it.

    And I do believe it’s perversely ok to make derogatory comments towards whites now, like “Hey, what’s up, cracka?” and all that shit. And I agree with a poster here that this “tolerance” of minorities and mock altruism is a way to hide the poverty, economic injustice, and other crimes committed not only against minorities but against white people as well. It’s why the Bush administration is praised because they have Condoleeza Rice, who is black, as if they had actually eradicated poverty in this country (which disproportionally affects blacks), when in fact this administration has thrown tens of millions of people of all races into poverty, killed about 3 million people in it’s beasty Iraq war, helped tobacco companies to expand into Africa and Asia and peddle their deadly products to minors, the list of crimes is literally hundreds of pages long. We need to solve actual problems, and although we shouldn’t hurt people with racist remarks, we shoudn’t allow with political correctness to hide the real issues that have NEVER been dealt with.


  74. Update, this piece of shit got a slap on the wrist for his hammer-swingin’ tirade, read about it here.


    But then again it said after sentencing they produced another warrant for his arrest on federal charges, I wonder for what (and let’s hope he goes to jail this time instead of some outpatient psychiatric bullshit).

    And as for his “I hate Blacks column” he’ll wish he never wrote it, when he’s in the big house the same blacks he wrote about will brand his ass and use him for currency.

  75. This guy is a mentally disturbed asshole !

    Let’s see how long he’ll stay unscathed in prison.

    They’ve got a two word phrase for ass-clowns like this in prison… it’s called “my bitch.”

  76. Who cares what this chink says

  77. “killed about 3 million people in it’s beasty Iraq war”

    Where the fuck are you getting your facts from?

  78. and yet 5 more reasons to hate Blacks…

    1. They hardly ever tip at restaurants (only 1/15 of them actually leave anything).

    I know most of you have probably been “privileged” enough to not have to work in the service industry (so you would not know the necessity of a TIP), but keep in mind, a lot of people, Asians included, do have this type of job (and have to deal with these Black ass holes every day).

    And Yes, I do realize that this does not apply to “all” Blacks, but let’s just say that personal statistics prove that 1/20 White/Asian people don’t tip, while 19/20 Black/Latino people don’t tip.

    2. So I was flipping through the channels one day and stumbled upon BET; take one look at their “Hip Hop” videos, how stupid can they possibly be?

    Now, who’s the idiot who pays them a million dollars for acting stupid? White people do of course!

    3. Blacks are only good at complaining. They bitch and whine until they get what they want (like a spoiled little child). From the civil rights movement until now, Blacks have done nothing but bitch about inequality (have you ever seen an Asian person complain about inequality? I mean like a Black?).

    4. They like to make up stupid words (that are absolutly ridiculous); Bling Bling, yo, nizzle, shizzle, dizzle, rizzle (can be be any less creative?), fo (they can’t even say “for” or “four” LOL), among other words can be found if you take the time to google them.

    5. They’re so loud, obscene and vulgar; not to mention that they always tend to say the stupidest things (unless they’re trying trying their best to act like an “Eight Ball” or a “Snow Ball”).

    This was just spur of the moment, and YES, I was being sarcastic, and NO, I’m not racist and YES, I AM Asian and YES, I do have black friends, but YES, I do hate Black people (well most of them) and YES, I did think Kenneth Eng was hilarious! Hmm… I think I answered “yes” to everything except for being racist…

  79. Maybe I should write an article… It’ll be called why I get all the Black (and White) Girls!

    I was at a Black Night Club once with my friend, who happens to be into hip hop (he’s Asian, don’t ask why) and once outside a few Black girls start hitting on me.

    Then some Black guy starts making “chinky” sounds at me… and I was like WTF?

    It’s not Black people who are racist, just the jealous Black men who don’t like their women to have “yellow fever”.

  80. I love how we claim to love freedom of speech, but when a person like kenneth eng expresses his feelings, he gets fired and ridiculed forever (the latter of which I guess is justified by the freedom of speech thing, but the former is retarded). It makes me sad that in a country that used to celebrate its origin in freedom of speech, a person who calls a basketball team, a bunch of nappy headed hos, gets fired. Nigger.

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