Average Asian skit on Mad TV and Bobby Lee racist remarks

Finally, Mad TV is breaking down some stereotypes, well, kind of. They seem to address most of the Asian ignorant stereotypes going on in America.

And here’s part 2 of the skit.

Interesting enough, in September 2006, a video of Bobby Lee drunk at a bar talking to Joe Rogan was banned on YouTube because of “copywrite claim by Bobby Lee”. We had the opportunity to view the video before it was banned. Joe started talking about dating Asian people and mentioned Vietnamese girls. Bobby Lee, being Korean, claimed Koreans to be the supreme ethnicities of the Asian race and Vietnamese people are “from the jungle… hang in the trees like monkeys”. Not only that, he admittedly knew after his racist remarks, he would lose a lot of his Asian fans.

Sad thing is for sure, the few Asian Americans who have made it in the entertainment world, a lot have seemed to compromise their Asian culture in order to conform to racist America. We end with a great video by XDL Films called “Asking Permission”.

How do you think the media effects the way Asians are stereotyped?


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  2. It makes fun of the american’s ignorance as much as the asian stereotypes. The sketch is funny, no one should get upset over it.

  3. That video was great. Especially using the stereotypically dumb racist blond-haired blue-eyed white guy (surfer white guys are the dumbest white guys) with every predictable prejudice. I’m telling you it was priceless. Priceless!

  4. I am a white Italian male married to a laos/cambodian wife. We both came from bad marriages where we were both married to our “own kind”. Neither one of us hates where we came from or “sold out”, sometimes things just happen that way. I employed asian females from Vietnam in my business, who told me “Laos girls stink” , and are “nasty” , and Korean employees one of which said Laos people are the “niggers of asian people”. My wife’s own ex husband said that Phillipino women are all “whores”. My wife had her nails done in a Vietnamese salon that wouldn’t finish the job properly because she was married to a white guy and was Laos. As a matter of fact the first question she was asked was where she was from.I have also had two groups of Chinese males try to kill each other because one group was from Hong Kong.Do you honestly think “white people’s influince of racism” caused this? Asians are killing each other for thousands of years over territory and imagined hatred. My wife’s own people came here because they were being killed by the Vietnamese.They then somtimes(not everyone) bring this hatred to the states with them, or learn it from their parents. My wife and I don’t discourage both our cultures form being learned in our home but we still realise we are in AMERICA, and we love this country even though there are some negative things/people/ etc. I myself see white males being made into weak and ridiculed charactures every day in television and print, and never thought making asian males look weak was right either. Maybe some of you should learn to quit blaming all the racism on “white people” and look at many hatreds in your own culture.

  5. I guess what really gets me is you guys talking about conforming to “racist America” is why Bobby Lee says what he does, when I hear “racist asian” rants from asian to asian all day. (read my previous comment) Maybe some Viet/Korean/Laos/Thai/Japanese whatever people need to address the hate they brought with them here. Funny I don’t call Vietnam “racist Vietnam” because they killed one third of the population of Cambodia. Or what about the North Koreans and the South Koreans? Bobby Lee is talking the same garbage I hear from a lot of Koreans about other Asian races. Don’t blame his statements on “racist America” clean out your own closets first, or go back to the” love” of Asia. Funny how so many Asians come from totally segreagated environments and countries and despise each other even when say Viet people go to Laos markets or Laos go to Viet nail salons etc. Yet blame racism on white people. I myself have employed Asian people from all backgrounds as well as white and black, Indian, Arab and Jew, and have learned so much from every culture I have seen in my life. I have experienced food and beauty, been to weddings from many cultures, been to temples and churches and seen so much in life, now that is true living. Yes I think making fun of Asian people is wrong , but we all get made fun of and sometimes it’s not all bad. I joke about my inlaws and they joke about me and it’s all in fun. Everything is not about hate, some people just think different form themselves is funny.

    • I’m Asian and I don’t have any prejudices towards different Asians. Seems a little judgmental of you to assume that all Asians are racist because you met some who are.

  6. hey anthony. i totally agree with you.
    i’m asian. and i’m sick of asian competing with asian and segregating each other all the time. ahh…matter of fact, sometime when they make fun of chinese people, i want to stand up for that, but then i thought about it, how the joke was so true, and that they deserve it. -_-

  7. Anthony,

    not all asians hates asians, just b/c you know a few asians that don’t like each other doesn’t mean all asian has hatred towards other asians. I have asian friends of all ethnicities, I never thought of them any less than I think of myself. Go back to the love of “Asia”, do you realize many of us don’t know what Asia is? Many of us are raise and or born here, the only Asia we know is the nearest chinatown. You’re way of thinking was obviously influenced by your wife, who married you, a majority of asian females that marries white men are known to hate their own kind. So what you’ve said is irrelevant. Joke and hate are entirely different things and no amount of hate is okay.

    Making fun of someone sometimes is okay, the problem is we Asians are being made fun of ALL THE TIME and many times white people don’t realize they are offending us by their lame attempts of a joke. And sometimes they push the jokes too far but they feel it’s okay b/c everyone does it and it’s accepted.

    Roth: thanks for being the stereotypical Asian, just keep your mouth shut, that’ll solve everything. You are a disgrace. I NEVER let people make fun of any Asian race. If you make fun of an Asian race, I will confront you, it’s as simple as that.

  8. No you don’t get it… My wife isn’ t the one hating. My ex employees who were Viet ,Korean etc. I KNOW not all people are the same. I HEAR other asians constantly run down OTHER ASIANS from OTHER COUNTRIES to EACH OTHER. Asians from VIETNAM have hated on my wife for being LAOS. I NEVER HEARD THIS FROM MY WIFE INITIALLY. I was talking to my wait staff one day, they are three Viet girls. THEY asked me about the girl I was dating (before we were married) where she was from. THEY SAY and I quote ” Why are you dating a LAOS girl? They are dirty! Laos girls don’t clean their (vagina , not word she used) they are “niggers” of asian people. Now this girl who said this is Viet and DOES NOT DATE WHITE GUYS. My wife just laughs at this, she says some people are like that because of the war etc. I live in an area where there are ASIAN GANG RIVALRIES. My wife could care less about all that , she never expresses hate towards other asians. Neither do I. She is cool to anyone form anywhere, but there is a lot of crap being talked about other asians from asians that has nonthing to do with “WHITE RACIST AMERICA” Asians have been segreagating and killing each other over territorial differences for years you can’t BLAME WHITE PEOPLE for a problem that happens in your communities. That’s like blaming white racism for black guys dumping black women for white women. They do it becuase they want to have sex with white women and some of them objectify them but not all. Just like I don’t objectify my wife as just an “asian woman.” Yes I get it there are some “self hating” white and asian women that date outside their race for that reason but our reasons are not like that. We are both just kind of different people anyway who found each other, it’s more a connection thing than a racial thing. I just get tired of all races blaming all racism on white people. I have heard the most negative comments about asians come from other asians (not my wife) example: KOREAN GUY(my co worker Frank) “Korean women are mean, they are money hungy ,they are selfish” PHILLIPINO GUY(my wife’s ex) ” Pino women are all whores” CHINEESE GUY (regular customer at my job/personal friend Rocky)” people from JAPAN are tiny, they think they are better than chineese people” or from the same guy “People from Hong Kong all have bad attitude” this is after he and his brother just got into a fight with about 20 visitors from Hong Kong. My best friend’s ex girlfriend A., girl from KOREA ” Laos girls stink,they are niggers of asian people , cambodian people are worse.” Viet girl who worked for my old neighbor , Miss Lee a Korean , says ” I don’t trust Korean people, they all greedy people, I know she is stealing my money. I never trust Korean people”. Miss Lee says ” Thai girls all prostitute, they cannot handle money , these pretty Thai bar girls use American men to get money and get here any they run away.” My point is I myself am not ASKING or INFLUINCING these asians in my life to be racist.Whenever I am around asian people OTHER THAN MY WIFE , it seems they always want to tell me how their “brand” of Asian is the best and how other Asians are inferior. How is this my fault as a white male? My wife is the least hating asian person I ever met as far as saying negative things about asian people. We also encourage the children to learn about their background and culture and they eat Laos food, Italian food, American food, they appriciate America and also love the things from Laos. No one has “sold out” here. I think the real problem is a lot of Asian people discount my comments as “Oh here’s another white guy married to an asian girl so he’s full of shit and his girl is a disgrace” . If I posted my comment to hate on asian people I would not have posted. I posted my comment to make asian people understand racism is not some “white america” thing. There are alot of issues surrounding asians and hatred and jealously of each other . Why is my statement so hard to understand? KEEP IN MIND I’M NOT SAYING EVERY ASIAN PERSON IS LIKE THIS , EVEN THOUGH WHEN ASIANS SAY “WHITE PEOPLE” or WHITE AMERICA” no one accuses them of GENERALIZING , I’m saying in my experiences with many hundreds of asian people I tend to see a trend in hatred between different asians countires/origins. I have enough sense to not accuse the author of “generalizing all whites” when they say bobby lee was influnced by “racist america” etc. I just can’t understand why no one gets that there’s a shitload of hate between people of asian decent and it’s not all about us or created in America. Look at all the non American influinced killing that went on in all those places. If we are such evil people then why do so many asians come here? I’m sick of everyone coming here and then whining about how the white man has screwed up this country. The system here is much better than many other countries, we all have our issues but America is the best country in the world for any race to live in my opinion.Look at the Chineese students being killed, or the slaughter of Cambodians. You have more freedom to express your opionion here like no other place. If I lied and didn’t say I’m a white guy and I was married to an asian woman I might have gotten heard but I already know there are those who would call my wife a disgrace because she married me. I can’t expect any of those types to be able to get the point.

  9. By the way I like how you said “You’re way of thinking was obviously influenced by your wife, who married you, a majority of asian females that marries white men are known to hate their own kind. So what you’ve said is irrelevant.” The you want to accuse ME of Generalizing. No YOU see to have your own idea of white people that cannot be changed. What the pont is, I rarely hear a lot of white people talking shit about individual asians per country, because most whites don’t know the difference between a Viet peson or a Laos person. Or a Korean Vs. A chineese person. These Individual hate messages are Asian oriented.

  10. Jai, I think what you said about me is half truth. But seriously, when you say “Asian Race” do you consider every Asian race there is considering Southeast Asians such as Indians and Middle East such as the Iranians? And if you mean Orientals, will you really stand up for any of us? Sure it’s easy to say in word. But, for example, you’re a Viet, and you don’t like this Chinese guy for some particular reason, and somebody is making fun of him for this particular personality that he possess…would you really stand up for him? To say, “Asian race” is a tremendous responsibility. But man…we are all to divided. Just look at our grandparents.

  11. and Anthony, you are giving me alot of help on my research paper on asian stereotypes. I’m doing this paper called “Asian Stereotypes in the Media” and what you said gave me something more to write on.

  12. I myself don’t have problems with people, and nor does my wife. I was just pointing out that it’s unfair to blame asian racism on whites when it’s obviously a more comples issue than just pointing fingers at us (white people) I think Jai just wrote what he did out of an “asian pride” angle.I understand how a lot of asian guys get that attitude. He also probably has issues with white guys who marry asian women. That doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it. I myself am guilty of getting irritated by white guys who act like their wife is a “mail order bride” or property, or these asian girls who date white guys and disrespect their men. I also get tired of asian women I know saying “I don’t hang out with other asians” like it’s some kind of cool thing. It makes inter racial realtionships based on a real foundation look cheap. I also get tired of white women who objectify black males and talk about how they “hate white guys”. So Jai don’t think white guys don’t have disrespect from their women in this regard.It’s just that ALL interacial realationships aren’t based on some kind of fetish or disrespect. My wife has dated asian men and white. We are both kind of different people, we both don’t fit in the”mainstream” so we just naturally hooked up out of mutual interests and compatability. I get mad every time I see asian men disrespected in the media. I don’t agree with it, I hate the way they portray asian males and nowdays white males are being made the butt of the jokes as well. I never liked this. I also have asian stepchildren and half asian children ( a son and daughter) who I never want to be looked at in this way. I live in an area where there are less asians now , and many asian women are looked at as “sex objects” here by the locals. My wife has tattoos, dd breast implants and is very pretty, so she is especially judged by her appearance. I am a fairly muscular guy , I’ve worked out for 22 years so we are looked at as a “dumb italian steroid guy and a big boob asian whore” around here. We are educated and intellegent and raise our kids with morals. We just like to work out and take care of ourselves. So stereotypes are wide spread in many instances. They go beyond “asian” or “black/white etc” You wouldn’t believe some things people will say about us , as a matter of fact someone wrote on the internet calling my wife a “fake boobed viet cong gang girl” when she’s Laos and not in a gang, etc. I just want you guys to see that yes I know there are bad asian stereotypes out there but that doens’t stop the world from turning. We all get judged every day.

  13. I would have to say that the Asian-Asian racist comments stem from the turmoil that has occurred in those regions. There have been many wars between Asian countries, including civil wars, that eventually lead to the Asian-Asian hate mentioned. Many of these wars were for land/conquest. And when turmoil such as this occurs for extended periods, it tends to be part of the culture. Take Vietnam for example.

    This point in time is probably the longest the country has been in a peaceful, non-dominated state in many centuries. Before the VN War, the Vietnamese had been dominated by the Chinese and French, fought against the Chinese, French, Mongols, ethnic minorities within VN, etc…

    The Vietnamese had fought against and had been dominated by the Chinese for many centuries. When something like that happens for that long, it is somewhat understandable why Vietnamese people would not like Chinese people (not to say that this always the case, I’m making an example).

    Let’s take a look at learned behavior. If you live in turmoil, you’re probably going to learn to hate the people you’re fighting, and some will eventually teach that to their children (directly or indirectly).

    Is the Asian-Asian hate that different from other ethnic hate? Not really. Various white ethnicities have fought among themselves for the same reasons. The Germans, Italians, British, and more have all fought against other “white” nations. Kike, Kraut, Wop- Derogatory terms created by whites to describe other whites. So intra-racial hate occurs among other races besides just Asians.

    Other reasons for intra-racial hate? People taking “too-much pride” in their ethnicity. “___ people are better than ___ because ___.” A stupid reason, but it does happen.

    Bring in another race who generalizes Asians and it sometimes escalates things. “I’m not ___! ___ people are stupid and dirty! I’m ___.”

    Someone outside of the Asian race might actually believe that and perpetuate that belief to others.

    There is no one problem… there are several.

  14. Roth brings up an interesting point when questioning what Jai means by Asian. I’d say most people including some Asians automatically think of East Asia, and parts of SE Asia and Asia Pacific. Case in point, two people I know (1 Chinese, the other Indian) were conversing. The Indian person stated he was Asian. The Chinese person was briefly dumbfounded before realizing that India is indeed a country that lies on the Asian continent.

    Anthony, I don’t think Asian women necessarily question you not hanging around other Asians because it’s “cool” to do so. You ARE married to an Asian woman. They may wonder if you dislike other Asians or feel uncomfortable around them. If you’re wife doesn’t hang around them, they may feel she’s ashamed to be Asian or trying to be “too white”.

    Some Asian women marry white men and turn there back on their ethnicity as though it’s shameful. Other Asian women seek white husbands to somehow portray status or success- as if high status or success is somehow correlated to being white. And still other Asian women seek non-Asian husbands due to cultural views. Some people are somewhat inflexible about their culture and tradition. If you come to another country and try to maintain all of your traditions it won’t necessarily work.

    Why are Asian women so often portrayed as submissive? Because in many Asian countries, women were by tradition expected to be this way. Some Asian men in America still expect Asian women to be this way… And many Asian women don’t want to be.

    Perhaps people should reevaluate their cultural views and traditions. It’s great to maintain your culture, but why maintain the negative aspects of it as well?

    As my mother puts it, “You are Vietnamese, so you should know about your culture. But you are also living in America. Both cultures have good and bad… you should keep the good from each culture and filter out the bad.”

    For example, my mother would say in Vietnam women did all the house work. In America, people share the housework. If your wife/girlfriend cooked you should help clean up and vice versa.

    There are numerous other examples, but I’m sure you get the idea.

  15. Great points. I think you misunderstood one thing I said which was how I don’t like when some asian women say “I don’t hang out with other asians” . This is said by some asian women in my area to say that they don’t like their culture. Most of the time this is said to black/latino or sometimes white people. Most of the time it has to do with them trying to fit into some kind of “hip hop” mentality. I don’t feel any asian female or male for that matter should have to deny thier own people to “fit in” with whites or blacks or anyone else. As long as you are not taking on negative aspects of a culture than harms you and others (all cultures have bad aspects as you pointed out) I think it’s fine to hold on to your heritage along with the culture of your country. If you choose not to and totally “americanize” it’s also a personal choice. I think as long as you’re not hurting yourself or disrespecting others it should be a personal choice.But I feel you shouldn’t have to “justify” or “apologize” or be called a “sellout”. Many of my friends who are raised with stereotypes of Asian women see my wife in a different light as well. I’ve even had white women tell me I was married to Asian woman because I was intimidated by a “strong woman” . When my wife acts like any wife and has her “issues” she’s seen as a “bitch” by many because she’s expected to be submissive. I’ve heard people who have wives who are totally controlling and angry all of the time call me “whipped” when I do a simple common courtesy thing for my wife. They act as if I should be able to treat my wife like property, and when they find out she’s not a little slave girl they act as if I’m being used or somthing. I constantly remind people that asian women are not these submissive women they’re portrayed as. They have the same issues any American woman has. The only thing I would say is generally different is it seems there is more loyalty to family and children in some Asian women. I think this is due to the fact that most Asian women are raised that family and children are important, while many whites are trying to raise their kids in a more liberal way.I don’t get why I see so many white women today (not all) who won’t take care of their children. The husband /BF is doing it all. Many white girls are told career and “self love” are the most important thing, and a husband is “disposable”.I’ve seen a lot of girls who were lectured from white mothers about how bad being married was, or how giving into a husband is a form of slavery, or how having kids ruined their life.Then they see garbage like “Sex And The City”,that promotes women running around getting old and still being “object of desire”. This is the kind of values a lot of white girls are getting . They can worry all about themselves, screw around into their 40’s, and a man is just a sperm donor for a “trophy child”. Just watch white TV shows and look at the values and interaction between men/women. Then watch Asian based shows -they’re mostly based on falling in love/guys girls dating and “love and work issues” . The values are more basic. My family raised us with different values than many of the other whites I am around. Being that I am from a second generation Italian immigrant family, maybe that’s why.Now I’m not generalizing here , but I just pay attention to the values of people I’m around. I feel I can speak on behalf of my race on how things are going with our women. It seems to me many women are becoming “ghetto” or self centered because that’s the thing that’s in. How many asian women have you seen hang out with black thugs and have their babies all while trying to be this “hip hop” image? And these thug type black guys talk about them just like they talk about white women. Like they are some property or a trophy. This is the only time I see “submissive” women of any race nowdays, when they’re hanging out with hip hop ghetto thug types or strung out on their drugs or both. I have no problem with anyone being with anyone but exploitation based on racial stereotypes pisses me off.

  16. Another point is I think the reason you see less Asian guys with white women is many Asian guys are raised to expect some degree of loyalty out of their women. White women are being raised more self centered, so an Asian guy who has traditional beliefs would be totally treated like crap from the average white woman. Many white guys who end up dating Asian women are looking for a woman who doesn’t think marriage or motherhood is some negative thing.Just look at some of the couples and you’ll see what I mean.White guys are still being raised (for the most part) to respect and take care of their women. A lot of white girls will get pregnant if it’s “trendy” .Just look at the magazeines in the rack with all the pregnant stars every few months. My ex wife was more worried about “hot pregnant fashion” than raising the child. Preganacy is for the woman to get “attention”. Yet I know many Asian women who are more focused on the baby than themselves. Now many times when I do see a white girl dating an Asian guy, he’s one of these “hip hop” types or a drug dealer. They don’t choose to date Asian guys who are intellegent and about somthing no more than they will date an intellegent black guy. I think if more white women dated Asian guys there would be less hate towards white guys/asian women.Of course if you go to areas with a greater population am/wf relationships are more diverse. But the statistics are still lower on the am/wf side nationwide.It seems in my race, even white women who have traditional values would rather be with “bad boys” . It seems no one ever gives the real reason you don’t see as many white guy/black girl, asian guy/white girl couples is more about the”hip hop lifestyle” . Sorry guys, asian and whites guys are now being looked at as “last resort” or a meal ticket. If you’re a white guy or an Asian guy you’re expected to be secure, make a lot of money and do what you’re told.

  17. I guess the biggest thing that bugs me here is the fact that …well… I could go around and there would be people always you know asking me to speak Chinese or asking me about that stuff. Well…I was born here in the USA. I consider myself more American than Chinese, and it gets really annoying when people come up to me and ask that stuff. There are so many things other than that that are wrong though…I won’t list them….other than the fact that, there is way too much fighting going on everywhere…people don’t really see how much pain it causes alot of others when they’re fighting..

  18. Anthony can we see a pic of your wife, so we can see what all the hoopla is about. Asians are Asians, cheap, flexible, and conventient like nail shops. hahaha. joke enlighten up.

  19. Anthony, I think you’re a great husband for your wife, so don’t ever change. If people are putting you down, it’s because they are jealous of you guys relationship. You seem to sound like an intelligent and family value guy so your wife is lucky to have you. I’m an Asian girl, and I hate how Asian girls date white girls because they are shameful of their culture. But yea, you guys should read my comments against these “tuscanito” guy on youtube. This is also one of the reason why Asian girls don’t date Asian guy like him.

    the link is here

  20. i’m friggyjiggy btw (on youtube)

  21. Heh, someone mention earlier in this thread how asians are constantly slandering each other. Too true. But ironically, like how white people say black people sometimes tend to play into their stereotypes and vice versa, a lot of asians DO sometimes play into the stereotypes.

    Being asian myself, and being around other asians of different countries I do get to hear certain things other asians say about each other and see what they do to cause people to stereotype them.
    For examples, the comments about asians and what i’ve heard from other asians :
    – about Vietnameese girls was funny as hell – I don’t know too many but I do know they are not very highly talked about by other asians.
    – about Laos people – they’re not even considered a real country by many asians
    – cambodians well…nuff said
    – thai people, they all have a god complex
    – fillipinos girls – now this is the funniest because from a very personal experience, just about all of them are whores (no offense, but…they are :p).
    – koreans, well its true. Every Korean i know has a family business in the nail salon, dry cleaner, or convient store
    – chinese people – they seem to hates everyone not chinese
    – japaneese people – I havent met one that i can easily conversate with so i dunno what the hell goes on in their minds

    Needless to say, asians needs to quit slandering each other or play into the stereotypes before they can get white or blacks to stop stereotyping them.

  22. this is all true.but to me is kind of weird.the world is weird.im hispanic gurl whos is in love with asians(meaning the japanese,chinese,vietnamese ect mostly)i love the culture.i love how they look and speak.many things are made from asia.and the anime is great.i have so many asian friends and the are all preety much all different and they are all like best friends.i all ways see asina in huge groups and they are not all from vietnam or japan…they are all mixed up.i guess it where u live or know.CUZ NOT ALL ASIAN HATE EACH OTHER AND DAT WHITE MEN OR GURLS.AND NOT ALL PEOPLE HATE ASAINS…..

  23. re: comments by MAC-G 28 USMC

    I’ve also heard mainland Chinese poo-pooing those from Taiwan… but that was about 20 years ago. Don’t know if the sentiment still exists.

  24. Check out Bobby Lee

  25. Im a second generation vietnamese american. I found Bobby Lee’s comments pretty offensive. I dont know if he really meant it, but it’s disappointing to hear an asian person make such remarks. I myself have never heard of the “asian Hierarchy” until a non-asian person told it to me. I always thought bobby lee was funny on madtv. And it was good to have an asian comedian in the media. But after this i dont know if i can respect him enough to keep watching him.
    I lived in a very diverse city, and have asian friends of different ethnicities and have never heard anything about hating each other. I do understand that there is racism and hatred everywhere in the world. I have only dated a Mexican guy so far, and i have never told my parents because it probably would have been a sore issue for them. I’ve always considered myself open to other races and ethnicities.
    I do not want to blame all our problems on “White America” but i do feel that they play a large role in continuing stereotypes about asians. Its safe to say that all Second generation asians speak english well, do not eat dog and… ARE AMERICAN. these are stereotypes NO ASIAN AMERICAN would support. Its kind of sad to know that the image of what an “american” is does not include asians. Americans are suppose to be blonde and blue eyed. And one of teh problems is that Americans do not recognize that There are a vareiety of ethnicities that are considered asian. Many do not even take the time to understand that. That could help to bring on comments about one race being better than the other. To bring attention so that people recognize that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. I dont approve of that. I kind of feel that we need to come together and make our voices heard that… Were american and we have rights too. yeah. just.. had to say that.

  26. Bobby Lee is hysterical, keep in mind it is HE that’s writing the skits and NOT MadTV. I loved his lampooning of Kim Jong Il and The Blind Kung Fu Master.

    It’s equal-opportunity offensive comedy, end of statement.

  27. God, Bobby lee is an iddiot. “Asian Hierchy”, or whwatever. I was such a big fan of his. NOw i’m not. The supreme of asian race???wtf. Each asian countries contributed different things to the world, so none is consider that supreme. Maybe one is better than the other now, but maybe the other will surpass. If he doesn’t want asian women, then asian women won’t want him. HE think HE”S SO GOOD LOOKING. God, freaking short dude, with funny hair. God, i want to kick his butt. The world is full of hatred between black and white already, why do asians hav to hate each others too. Asian women r beautiful. God, his stupid remarks make me ashame to be asian. I’m part VIET and part CHINESE, with some KOREAN blood in me too. Now, i feel like SHIT. He’s one of the stupid asians. I luv my asian friends!!! Bobby needs to buy some listerine and wash his mouth

  28. ” Sad thing is for sure, the few Asian Americans who have made it in the entertainment world, a lot have seemed to compromise their Asian culture in order to conform to racist America”

    I dont know if it’s just me, but I think this article really is exaggerating the threat of racism against Asian people in America. I am Vietnamese and there are like 4 ASian people in my high school but I get along fine. I personally don’t have a problem with Asian aterotypes because I find most of them generally accurate. Is there a problem with being intelligent, kind,knowing martial arts, eating rice, and being talented?Most Asian people don’t go into the entertainment industry, that is why there arent many asian actors, not because of racism. and we must not forget, i mean, we are IN America this isnt asia dont expect an asian populated entertainment industry.

  29. god, appearently bobbling bee does not read or study much. korean as supreme asian?, please it wasnt that long before they got chopped up by the Japs, the wounds are still felt amongst them, how often do you heard on the news that some sort of disargeements going on, because some Japs was doing something or visiting somewhere that piss the hell out of the koreas, i found that korean are somewhat overstated themself.

  30. japanese are the absolute top of the hierachy. even white people know that and i mean redneck whites! that was the whole reason for the war in the pacific!

  31. There are more than just the stereotypes about being smart, quiet and obediant, or knowing karate. There are those stereotypes, like that Asian people are cheap. And that is one of the worst feelings. To have waitors treat you badly because they dont think you will tip them very well. To have them think you will only order water before anything comes out of your mouth. Its… a horrible feeling. I was in Ohio a few weeks ago. Even the Asian people… looked down on us. There was what… three japanese ladies (the only asian people there) runing a little japanese fast food place in the mall. My mom asked the lady holding a plate of free samples for a sample of terriyaki chicken. And .. im not exaggerating. for five minutes.. teh lady proceeded to try to find the smallest peice of meat for my mom. and the White guys got big… pieces. It was… weird. To have.. someone that is so similar to you and has probably faced the same racist issues to do that to us. NEedless to say… we didnt eat there.. even though we were going to originally.

    And. to see the Chinatown… dead there. All the chinese and vietnamese stores ther were… driven out and dead. it was pretty bizzare. I dont know what happened, but it didnt look pretty. Im just happy to be in california. And im not saying that those “good” stereotypes of asians are good… because. they are not. I’ve taken a couple of asian American history classes. Theres something about triangulation of white, black and asian people. The whole idea of the model minority. Basically. ITs not good. And really. There probably are a lot of asian people that want to be in entertainment, but have not been given the chance. I mean… john cho.. hit it really big with Harold and kumar… and.. what is he doing now? guest roles on tv shows….

  32. i hate Niggers, Jews, Whites, Asians and everyone else. I hate the entire human population> ALL FILTH all so USELESS and IGNORANT and fucking mentally retarded fuckers. Fuck rascism. I dont have any prollem against any race. Only the human race

  33. “Race” is a concept thought of by the western world, describing groups of people under their skin color, and originally attached with an assumption about that group.

    Asian cultures have a long history of problems because of ethnocentric issues, but describing it as “racism” is an incorrect use of the terminology.

    The two issues are vastly different and can not be discussed interchangeably.

  34. typical Korean

  35. This stupid piece of shit Bobby Lee needs to get his ass kicked on the street to know what hierchy he belongs to in this jungle of life.

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