Nail Salon Stand up. Racist or Funny? You decide.

Hot as Pho is curious to find out what you think of this controversial comic Angelah Johnson doing nail salon impersonations. We want to hear from you. Post your comments and speak up. Is this one of the funniest things you’ve ever heard or is this a bad accent gone wrong?


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  1. its funny but also insulting but its all in good humor so its all good to me

  2. Funny no doubt about it, also shed some lights on how certain people in general are “good” salesman, its not a bad thing.

  3. sooooo funny

  4. About the funniest damn thing since Bill Engvall’s “Stupid Sign” routine! I don’t think her comedy is ethically insensitive at all. I’ve had my nails done, and “Tammy” waited on me.

  5. effing funny. strange no one EVER raises a fuss when black, latino, or asian comics make fun of whites. She’s native American and Mexican. MEXICAN comedians make fun of mexicans. Get over yourselves you sensitive witches with a B. Sick of it. Tired tired tired.Everything can be funny if you have the capacity, maturity and just good sense to recognize. Call me a cracker, I don’t care! it’s FUNNY! All you sensitives…change your tampon.

  6. btw…cwtl gael….I don’t know anything about getting my nails done but i think that’s crystal gel. LOL Make your nails beautiful! Seriously…That’s why you don’t have a boyfriend.

  7. my comments are “awaiting moderation”? hmmm subject is racist or funny…let’s see how this pans out

  8. this video is pretty hilarious. i hope no one was offended because i don’t think this was out of spite. it was just plain fun and sort reenacting what happens at the nail salon. she also makes fun of latinos. i think if can laugh at ourselves it is healthy. as long as you are not hurting someone’s feelings. i don’t think that is the case here.

  9. I’m vietnamese and I think this video is too funny. She does a better broken english accent then me.

  10. Wait, she’s half-Mexican and half-Native American? That Vietnamese accent is spot on! I don’t think it’s being racist because the impression is accurate AND it’s genuinely funny. Unlike say Rosie O’Donnell and the “ching chong” thing.

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  12. I think it’s funny until she starts that whole string of “viet sentence” she’s pretending to say, that’s when I find it insulting and offensive. Since she worked on getting the accent right, she could have learned how to say the words right too. It started out good but then it ended crap.

  13. i think it’s hilarious

  14. ….People, People…..we all have to laugh at comics now-a-days, there is too much hatred in this World today. If it’s done in a tasteful sense and not putting down any race or culture, Its Funny! Did I laugh?….you bet I did, and it was a “Joke”. Remember…laughter is the best medicine.

    Mike T.

  15. Doing a comedy skit on a “actual” life event is in no way putting down a ethnic group. Comedy does not make racists. Living a racist life style makes racists. We all need to laugh at ourselves no matter what race. If you want to live in this melting pot. Start laughing!!

  16. no my parents are vietnamese and own a nail store..Ifound it hilarious

  17. This is hilarious!!! And accurate for the most part depicting the salesmanship, limited communication possible, confusion on part of the customer (having been one myself numerous times) & discomfort of being in a chair with nail stylest talking with another stylist in Vietnamese throughout most of the experience! Yes, this is the melting pot of America!!

  18. Hilariously entertaining. Loved it. Bring more.

  19. I really love that girl…I don’t see anything racist about this clip..I don’t know how many of you guys have watched george lopez..he is of mexican origin and he has so many jokes about them…that does not make him a racist and it’s his job to make people laugh…same goes for russel peters who crack jokes about indians…he is of indian origin as well so he can’t be a racist…Anjelah has a very promising future..I give her a hi5 ..cheers sweet angelah

  20. I have to agree that this is funny. She’s not being insensitive and she got the broken english – vietnamese style down! I’m vietnamese and I have had “Tammy” do my nails too 🙂

  21. Its hilarious, loosen up! Also, she’s a hotcake! haha

  22. I fell OUT!!!! She had me cryin cause apparently the nail stylist learned her English in the hood from Shanaynay. Dag, I’ve been to nail shops where the ladies’ ebonics made me put my own birth certificate under scrutiny! It SAYS I’m Black, but I can’t throw down like they can. My english is due to a career in the mainstream, so I don’t get to have fun with my own cultural flava. You know? People think I’m a snob or a sell-out because I have no accent whatsoever. They don’t bother to know the truth about me.
    I used to do lunch with a Chinese/Jamaican co-worker who spoke perfect english. One day he encountered one of his Black Jamaican friends and suddenly he was speaking perfect patois! OMG, I think that was the day he completely stole my heart!
    Now, being Mexican, I’m pretty sure she KNOWS how many Latin businesses mess up the english on their signs, so she’s laughing along with y’all.
    As far as the impression of the language. ummmm…It seems like she put a lot of effort into, sounded good to me, but I’ll leave that up to those in the know. But the thing where she talks to the other girl in her language making the customer wonder….classic! Yeah, we KNOW they’re talking smack about us, but I’m one of those people who enjoys listening to foreign languages as much as I enjoy different kinds of music.
    BTW, if anyone wonders. BLACK PEOPLE (with good sense) DON’T HATE ASIANS. Black people who bother to get to know you, admire you’re ability to adapt to the mainstream while keeping your cultural identity. Even if we wanted to, it’s almost impossible for us to reclaim the culture that was taken from us, so we kinda had to start all over. So, do the superficial thing you need to do in order to acheive your personal goals, but cling to your precious cultures. Oh, and feel free to enjoy ours. That’s what this country is supposed to be about.

  23. great, dont hate on good comedy

  24. That was extremely funny this girl ROCKS….HOW TRUE IS IT….VERY much like my nail tech…and I’m vietnamese……born in america though!!!!

  25. Ok…i am vietnamese and i find this very funny and i watched it at a family gathering with about 30 people…ages ranging from 7 to 50 and older and everyone laughed…in the world today things are only racial if people make it racial…people and cultures in general have gone to far in todays world and have taken to many steps forward then to waist your time on thinking this is racist work from this comedian…because if you think shes racist then you as a person have taken 2 steps back in todays world…but thats my opinion thoe…and from reading all the other opinions i believe most people stand where i stand…i mean seriously this is easy to answer…ok is this racial or is she racist…heck no…one question people…have you ever laughed at a comedian by the name of Dave…that did a show on comedy central that makes fun of…well everyone…and i ask you…whats the problem again…!!!

  26. ha! great laughs. very funny

  27. I work at a high school with many asians and she hit the nail on the head.

  28. she has to be 1/2 white 1/2 vietnamese-cuz she can put Tammy to shame

  29. Anjelah, made us laugh about an weekly life experience,that everyone encounter when they gets their nails done laughs about all the time. LOVED IT.

  30. I agree with David – it’s racial if you make it so. I think she was funny and
    spot on. 🙂

  31. she should lose the act.

  32. That is funny stuff. I couldn’t stop laughing…

  33. it’s not only funnie.. it’s the truth!! if someone finds it racial .. then maybe we need to take a look at ourselves and how we do business as nail technicians! everyone who does nails for a living or gets their nails done, can agree with 99 % of what she was saying!! besides.. it’s just comedy!!

  34. This was the funniest thing I have ever seen! It reminded me of my girls at the salon – I showed it to them (they’re all Vietnamese and they loved it!). This girl needs to come to Hawaii – the locals here would love her to death! They have this Asian comedians club and it’s such good fun to have a laugh about your own nationality. I’m Asian and so are most of the people here and they would really enjoy this comedian!

  35. I thought it was hysterical. That is exactly what goes on in the nail salon.
    It’s not a bad thing but it’s funny

  36. She was great. If you took offense you should just walk away

  37. she’s cute

  38. She is so telling the truth, but I have to say they are the nicest people. It was pure comedy and anyone that has gotten their nails done by asians can relate

  39. haha, that’s funny. it’s a better impression than I could’ve pulled off, and I’m Vietnamese. Is it offensive? Hell no.

  40. I thought this was hilarious — and quite TRUE!

  41. By the way…I should say that most the people I’ve encountered in salons are not Vietnamese…they are Korean or Chinese. Also, she did not make any reference to race in her stand up routine…it was about the funny experience of women (of ANY race) at these neighborhood salons.

  42. I doubt it’s intended to be racist. I thought she had to be part Vietnamese b/c her accent was spot on, but she’s not. Being that she’s not Vietnamese, I think people are more inclined to question the ethnic sensitivity of her routine. It is somewhat analogous to a black man being able to call another black man the “N-word”, but a non-black man cannot call a black man that same word. People generally find it more acceptable to have their ethnicity made fun of by someone sharing the same ethnicity, but not an “outsider”.

    I’m Vietnamese and I take no offense, b/c it was portrayed accurately rather than doing the easy and offensive “ching chong” bit.

    She doesn’t need to explicitly reference a race in her routine. Her accent and statistics clearly tell you who she’s referencing.

  43. OMG, To Funny, she’s telling the truth, Thanks for making me laugh.

  44. Racist? No, funny- she had them down to a science.

  45. I think the truth is funny. You CAN’T make this stuff up. From personal experience, this situation and ones like it occur. Maybe it is time for those who feel offended to take a course in manners. Good sales tactics are great tools for business; yet cons and speaking in another language to those around you while your client/customer can not understand is rude! The client feels uncomfortable and a distrust may start to develope. What ever happened to “the customer comes first”?

  46. April 11th, 2007 at 7:35 am

    I think the truth is funny. You CAN’T make this stuff up. From personal experience, this situation and ones like it occur. Maybe it is time for those who feel offended to take a course in manners. Good sales tactics are great tools for business; yet cons and speaking in another language to those around you while your client/customer can not understand is rude! The client feels uncomfortable and a distrust may start to develope. What ever happened to “the customer comes first”?

  47. Love it….she is to funny.And I dont believe it was racist!

  48. I have been addicted to getting my nails since 1992. When I saw this clip I couldn’t help but laugh. My husband didn’t find it funny since he has never been to a salon. However, over the past few years, I have experienced this many times. I love my nail technician! She is vietnamese and a wonder friend too. I asked her if she has seen this, and she said, “yes!, It was sooo funny”! I am so happy it wasn’t offensive to the Vietnamese.

  49. It’s kinda funny. I’ve seen so much better. But I don’t like when I go into ANY establishment though and they speak another language in front of me. It makes me uncomfortable!

  50. i thought it was funny not racist, it was true…. they are that way…lol

  51. when i first moved to japan 7 years ago, i used to date a thai exchange student (paweena, i think was her name). so strange how anjelah johnson sounds & looks so much like her. i am (black) jamaican-canadian, so flame away if you like.

    personally, i thought the sketch was humorous (from a 3rd party P.O.V.). honestly, from what i know of stereotypes about vietnamese people, this comedy routine was quite tame & well-intentioned. on the flipside, are there many vietnamese-americans who can do a believable impression of a mexican? and do it in a way that’s funny & unoffensive? my other question of course is, was she actually speakin’ in vietnamese? or was that just gibberish? and yes, i do know the difference between japanese, viet & thai … ha ha ha.

  52. Im a nail technician and ive be in this business for 11 years… chinese american, but fluent in all 3 languages, including vietnamese.
    All i have worked with is vietnamese people and its quite funny…..she was on the money!!!!!
    Its a dog eat dog world in the nail business and its hard to make a steady income, so the more you sell, the better paycheck you make. Most of us are on commission, so u gotta be the salesman at times! Don’t hate! I can even appreciate her humor!

  53. oh and by the way…….clients are always shocked when they hear my english and i dont have an accen! Its always the stereo type that everyone doesnt speak english…..but i dont take offense to the comment, sometimes you have to take it all in stride.

  54. 「clients are always shocked when they hear my english and i dont have an accen! 」 from what my wife tells me, californians are those kinds of people. e’erythin’ occurs to them in stereotypes, because they’ve ne’er been to any of the places that the people who serve them are from. mindless WASPs. don’t let them bother you.

  55. Californians are like that? I guess it really depends on what part of cali you’re referring to, b/c from my experience in the sf bay area, cali people are much less ignorant than other parts of the US, such as the South. In the south an Asian is 1st seen as being Chinese, Oriental, or Japanese.

    When I lived in SC, I mentioned to a friend that I was half Vietnamese and was immediately called a VC. One time a stranger asked my ethnicity, and upon telling him I was Vietnamese, he denied that there was such an ethnicity.

    In the south it’s not uncommon for someone to inquire what your ethnicity is by asking, “Where are you from?” followed by “I mean where were you born?”. And if you answer that you were born in the US, they get flustered.

    If you were born in HI (such as myself), you’re automatically assumed to be of Hawaiian descent. Hawaii is sometimes seen more as a separate nation rather than a state… ie: “do the natives still where grass skirts?”

    Of course, for me to judge all people from the south as being this way would be unfair. But I think it’s safe to say that this mentality is more prevalent in less urban and less diverse areas such as the south than in more urbanized and diverse areas such as parts of Cali.

    Having said all that, I think the shock non-Asians experience when they walk into a nail salon and see an Asian speak English w/ no accent comes from 2 sources.

    1) A very large majority of Asian nail techs speak English w/ an accent.
    2) The stereotype they have: minority nail tech = immigrant working class = less education = poor English

    I believe a non-Asian would be less shocked to see an Asian speak English w/ no accent if he/she were wearing business attire than if that same person were working as a nail tech.

  56. NO…not racist. She is GREAT, and I hope she has more comedy videos!!!

  57. ROFL nah it wasnt racist it was funny cuz the salonists act like that all the time, plus there are a lot more racist comedy out ther far worse than this

  58. LMFAO big time! I am a Nail Tech myself, however just a “white girl”. The upselling they do is amazing, and we can learn from this video! Truely captured the salon

  59. So funny. She was not insulting at all and if anything she is an example of how comedy should be handled. She is amazing. I can’t wait until she goes out on tour.

  60. LMAO! soooo funny! ish sooo true…. Maii aunts sometimes do taht… LMAO! o0ps!! i mean she DOES DO THAT! LMAO! buht ish kinda mean…. buht o0h wells, ish that truth! haha, funny…. that’s how we vietnamese roll` ;]

  61. u fukin racist ass…How dare you fool..what an asss….dont try to be f.o.b kux aren’t one….haha

  62. I think it is so mean she should be getting her ass smacked!

  63. i knoe right???? i agree!!!!!

  64. Well let’s just say Laugh and the world laughs with you sit in an asian salon and ya sit and everyone that works there talks and laughs about you if you heard what they were talking about it just may make you cry Its about time somebody makes a little jab at them some people take everything so seriously ,they and I don’t mean all , tend to be rude and very aggreseve “You come Sit here” what you wan’t I say learn some manners and learn that talking in a forein language in America exspecally in a very social setting such as a nail salon is just plain rude and unexceptable you come to this country open a salon have about five licenses and about 15 women that altranate on various days never having ever gone to school When have you ever heard of a beauty school that teaches asian nail pratices ?? come on who ya fooling you should all be slaped across those flat asses and infected with the funguses and viruses that you pass on because of no teaching of sanitation and sterilation who’s laughing now! The comic tells the truth about most asian salons And I will say Im sorry because ther are alot of asian salons that are quite wonderful with smiling faces and very talented women and men techs so koodos to all of them but a big hug and thank you to a women who can get up and say the truth about something that is quite funny and present it in a way that was not at all raceist those of you that are all butt hurt Get over it earn the respect that us women and men in the business work so hard for. Always remember ya get what ya pay for and as for Anjelah Johnson I think you nailed it no pun intended you were GREAT !!!!!!! I love it when people tell whats on there minds

  65. Racist or not, the child just isn’t funny. After 1:34, I got bored and clicked it off.

  66. So funny. I think I just went to this salon. Except I was helped by Stephanie.

  67. I am Vietnamese and I cannot do an accent that spot on. I think it’s absolutely hilarious if you take it in the right context. Humor is the best when there is truth in it. She’s not doing a fake ‘ching chong ching’ parody or anything; she’s taking humor in an experience many of us has had. Anyone who thinks that this is racist had better not be laughing at Dave Chapelle or Jeff Foxworthy.

  68. Funny. No 2 ways about it. My Vietnamese friends thought so too. One Vietnamese girl said, same thing happens to her when she goes to get her nails done. Starts out at 20 bucks and she walks out owing 50 and feeling great about it. She laughed out loud.

  69. Now this was funny, and I don’t think it’s insulting. If anyone doesn’t like this or if anyone doesn’t think it’s funny, please leave this country. You know who I’m talking about.

  70. I’m Asian, and I thought it was hilarious. I’m sure it was never intended to be offensive and it’s a classic example of lanuage barrier. Even being Asian (Filipino) myself, I can understand how she ad others who aren’t familiar with the accents or language feel when they’re in that situation. I thitnk this happens all the time when cultures collide.

  71. shes hot so its ok. plus its funny. plus its true.

  72. It’s the truth, how can that be racist! True accent, true grammar mistakes, true mispronunciations. I have studied linguistics and these are typical sloppy language mistakes made by many people from many cultures, not just Asians.
    Just pure laziness! I would have higher expectations of myself living in another country, I would strive to speak the language as clearly as possible.

  73. Sammy? I just found youre comment so ridiculously offensive i had to respond. The comedian was not that funny. She did a pretty good Vietnamese person speaking english accent though. I cant even do that and I’m vietnamese and i’ve heard it all my life from my parents. Its ok.. if people realize that all asians dont speak like this.
    But i digress. What i really wanted to say was… What you just said sammy is.. horrendous. Do you think vietnamese people like not being able to speak english and made fun of? Do you think They like being over looked for jobs when they are over qualified, but are not able to speak english very well? Thats what happens to my parents everyday. For you to have the audacity to say such things makes me sick to my stomach.
    When you are forced out of your country by a war and are a refugee in another country and have not learned english until you got to that country, you can come and make these ridiculous comments. And you should try learning vietnamese, it is.. one of the most difficult languages to learn, i think.

  74. i dont think there’s anything wrong w/ what she’s doing…..its funny……at least she says that the ladies that work there are nice….she could have been extremely rude about the whole thing.

  75. I thought it was funny too. In my experience, Vietnamese women tend to be very direct. Like when I had my nails done and then got a bikini wax. The lady offered to button my jeans for me so I wouldn’t ruin my nails. Then she said “Oh, you wear tight, hold everything in”.

  76. ok peeps i watched and found nothing racist about it. I am a hispanic american who has a daughter half mit and spanish. i watch all the van son; asia and all the other viet dvds outh there. I hang with viet peeps and karoke and speak it and teach my daughter to speak and read it as well. her grandmother and mother who are asian don’t even do as much as i do because grandma basis her racism actions on what happened to her in her life time in vietnam. People lets remember what the definition of racism is ” a unfounded fear or dislilike based on unfounded truths” there was nothing untrue in what she said or did. Because i have had many asian moms and girls ask me “do you have a girlfriend, do you have a wife” . So lets remember the american saying ” Imitation is the sinceriest form of flatterry”. bang su kieu-ngao va ai-tinh tay-ban-nha nguoi

  77. I am Chinese-Vietnamese. And this is one of the most hilarious stand-ups I’ve ever seen! I can’t even fake a vietnamese accent that good! I almost cried, it was so spot on! TEARS, I tell ya!
    Lighten up, people! She just calls it like it is…and this is exactly how it is when you get your mani-pedi…

  78. i thought this was sooo funny.. its true i get my nails done by a tammy and she thought this was funny as well.. she didnt find any racial slurs to it at all and isnt sh speaking vietnamiesse in the end of it??? i thinkk she was just telling the truth and i ffind the truth to be funny.. even if its about me!

  79. Her accent is impeccable! Except for the end when she was pretending to speak Vietnamese.. It’s way better than I can do, and I’m Vietnamese.

    Well, regarding dz’s comment — A LOT of nail professionals (at least in Cali) are Vietnamese, and it’s no stereotype. You can read more about it here:

  80. Hmmm. As an African American who is also an “Asian Lover”, I have to aks myself this question…If this comic was mocking a black female hairstylist on the Ophra Winfrey Show would it be just as funny? That depends on how good the comedian is. AL Jolson got away with blackface for years. Sacha Baron Cohen got away with Ali G (a new version of blackface without the burnt cork) for serveral years as well. Michael Richards? Crashed and burned. So, as a comic I think she’s luke warm.

    By the way, Black Comedians are harder on black people than any other when it comes to making fun of a race…(case in point, Chris Rock). The message being learn to laugh at yourself sometimes. It’s ok not to take yourself too seriously.

  81. This video was hilarious =) My mom does nails and I’ve been to her place a few times to hang out or whatever. And with how Angelah impersonated nail artists, it’s right on the spot. It’s all true how what they say to customers and how they treat customers. I believe it’s funny because it’s true. =) I’m definitely going to be show my mom this tonight when she gets home from work. She’ll have a great laugh I’m sure. =)

  82. the only part i laughed at was at the end when she finally made a joke.

  83. i think its hysterical! 😀 definitely

  84. So funnY!!!!! I have had “Tammy” do my nails. Perfect Example. I’m hispanic and don’t mind if people are joking about us, that’s why it’s called a “JOKE”. Have a sense of humor for Gods sake, life is to short.
    Lynda Wade
    Cartersville. Ga

  85. very good. the saving part about it is that most of us have experienced a “tammy” incident. Those are the laughs and responses that can be heard in the audience.
    there is nothing wrong with it… if it was derogitory, cruel or outside of it’s natural circumstance then yes…
    very good

  86. Yes, very funny… I am a white American male married to a Vietnamese woman from Vietnam who is a nail tech… The Vietnamese are extremely hard workers, working 60-80 hours a week in their chosen professions, however it is being politically correct to state that the Vietnamese are “very direct”… It is more accurate to state that Vietnamese from Vietnam are virtually tactless when it comes to putting their point across !!

    This is no doubt due to cultural differences and failure to fully assimilate to American culture and society. My wife is American when the situation suits her, otherwise she considers herself Vietnamese.

    My wife complains that business is slow, that it is difficult to retain repeat business as clients do not return, and Americans treat the nail techs with disrespect.

    Being an on-site computer technician I have the opportunity to interact with clients who regularly frequent these Vietnamese nail salons, so I decided to casually find out why clients do not return to Vietnamese salons from my computer clients and relay this info to my wife.

    The general consensus from my clients is :

    1.) The Vietnamese nail techs are rude.
    2.) They are way too direct.
    3.) They speak in their native tongue while servicing their clients.
    4.) They feel that they are being talked about, otherwise techs would speak in English.
    5.) And they perform their service without quality, care or too quickly.

    I have tried to relay this info to my wife and teach her to speak English better; however she will not listen and insists that Asians do nails the best (better than American salons) and that Americans just disrespect Asians because of their accent !!

    Hope this can help other nails techs who want to nurture their existing client base !

    How does that saying go…? When in Rome, do as the Romans !

  87. I’m impressed. So funny, my eyes were crying so I sent it to my homies!

  88. I thought her act was great!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long
    time. I have visited those salons, and she is right on!!

  89. What we all forget is:

    If it cuts for you.
    It does not mean it will for me.

    What is racism anyway.

  90. lol….she is only speaking the truth, i dont know how many times i have walked into a nail shop only wanting a color change and somehow manage to walk out with a whole new set of nails. i take $20 cash into the shop, telling myself that is all i am going to spend and end up having to swipe the plastic…lol…she is great and i doubt she was trying to be racist. funny, funny, funny…shoot it is the same as people making fun of us mexicans and our accents…just enjoy and appreciate her talent.

  91. i love it – people can make fun of asians and it is no big deal. i thought it was ignorant and rude.

    russell peters makes fun of his own kind, as does george lopez. completely different.

    plus, there is no balance. asians are always being made fun of as the silly foreigner with the funny accent. why are we buying into this (i am asian-american but not vietnamese)?

  92. i THiNK iTS HiLARiOUS.
    iM ASiAN.. AND i DONT FiND

    iN ALL

  93. i do my job to support my kids and hope she does too …………. dont hurt no one

  94. hysterical….the accent, she “nailed” it…, and her delivery excellent…not insulting…whats insulting is that the technician’s always talk about you when they are doing your nails….of course we can not understand them

  95. I’m a Viet guy. I could hardly have a smile on this. It’s sad however. Having said that, all is true. There are more than one issue here. Racist? Maybe or maynot. To my fellow Viet out there, younger generation give us Hope and made us proud. All six Viet IMO members brought home either Gold or Silver at 2007 Contest. Vietnam received 3 Gold, 3 Silvers, 3rd place behind Russia and China.

  96. I remembered the lady in the video is a prostitute a while back in my home town. Her name is Angelah. She has 3 big moles in her butt.

  97. There is NO Racist here.
    It is a joke and most jokes are to pick on somebody on something to make fun of. The Nail Salon happened to be in. So be it. Whoever owns that Nail Salon should give her a big hug for doing a good job and THANK her for a free advertisement.

  98. Freaking HILARIUOS! it was very funny and I shared it with the viet nail gals I know and they even thought it was funny!!

  99. I am Vietnamese too and this video not racist at all. I found it to be very funny. I think video was good laugh. Why you people so sensitive to things?

  100. She was spot on and not racist at all. The salon I go to which is in ROCKDALE SYDNEY AUSTRALIA has about 3 Tammys and all 3 keep telling me I must be a model,then hit me with the U Like ewyelash kerrrrl?
    Had a great laugh….

  101. I didnt find that video funny at all. I just didnt get the jokes as i was staring at that cute face of hers.

  102. It is just a joke. Manicures paid cash for Lexus and they live in mansions. Who makes a joke now?

  103. I LOL,just rewatched and tooooo cute

  104. Reality as humor. Actually she could do a series where they are more rude each time you go.

  105. This tape is hilarious. I thought I was the only person who went through that. I think she hit the nail on the head. No pun intended. When I used to go get acrylics that is how my experience was. I disliked feeling left out and possibly talked about when I was paying to recieve a service that always ended up being more than I planned on paying for. I think it is poor customer service. I no longer patronize those types of businesses. I am not in the market for dealing with pushy and rude people. I take my money where I am appreciated.

    • Well said. Sometimes, I feel like they feel the need to ask for more tip when all they did is insult you in their language.

  106. This is hilarious! It seems as though the comedienne is at the shop I go to!!!! FYI…I told my nail tech that I wanted to keep the cost down and by the time I left, it cost $5.00 more than when I was there two weeks prior!!!!

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    LAUGH!!!! its good for you……

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