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Communist Fashion by Lucky Brand?

Vietnam Communist Lucky Brand

Vietnam Communist Lucky Brand

Vietnam Communist Lucky Brand

Apparently, communism is vintage and fashionable according to Lucky Brand. The popular clothing company launched a sweater with the Communist Vietnamese flag in the front and a map of Vietnam in the back with “Nha Trang” headlined on the top.

Earlier in November, President Bush visited Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, “looking to burnish his foreign-policy credentials.”

The White House website featured a graphic with the flags of the three countries he’s visiting on his trip — Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. One problem: instead of displaying the Vietnamese flag, the White House graphic featured the old flag of South Vietnam. That flag hasn’t been the official flag of Vietnam since South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam in 1975.

The display of the old flag is highly incendiary to the current Vietnamese government and people. NPR reported last year the display of the old flag anywhere in the United States — much less on the White House website — “could create tension amid warming relations between the United States and Vietnam.”

Sad to say, but it seems like powerful figures and companies are ignorant and insensitive to the Vietnamese culture.

*Sources by AngryAsianMan and ThinkProgress.

13 Responses

  1. great to hear the new sites up. lookin fresh. i wannt this jacket!! reppin vietnam, our que huong!

  2. If your a US citizen be a US citizen. If your down for Communism i dare you to denounce your citizenship and move to Vietnam where Communism reigns. We are blessed to call ourselves US citizens. Here we have Opportunity and Freedom. Freedom to believe what we want to believe and most importantly Freedom to participate in this Free Enterprise system we have. As you know many of our families and Vietnamese friends have made a successful livings here in America by opening their own businesses. You ask those store owners if they could do what they are doing now in Vietnam and get the same results. If they say yes, ask them if they would relocate their business back to the Motherland. We are blessed.

    I understand your article above was just an expression of frustration seeing our Government not post the current Vietnamese flag. But if you were a New York Yankees fan you wouldn’t rock a Boston Red Sox bumper sticker on your car. It’s just common sense. If our Government doesn’t believe in communism they will not post a communist flag. I’m proud to be apart of a Country that will stand up for what they believe in. Remember what your mother used to say, “If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.”

    Don’t rock Lucky brand. Sorry AngryAsianMan =) Don’t be angry. Let’s carry the Christmas Spirit into the New Year. Happy New Year.

  3. Sorry but I have to disagree with your statement Quang. It was a huge insult to Vietnam as a nation (communist or otherwise) that the Bush white house’s website featured images of the old South Vietnamese flag when Bush was visiting Vietnam. Can you imagine the outcry if the same situation has happened to COMMUNIST China? The white house doesn’t seem to mind acknowledging and respecting THAT communist flag. How can you possibly compare the significance and pride of a nation’s flag to that of a sport’s team? And this has nothing to do with me “denouncing” my US citizenship. Completely irrelevant accusation you made against the author.

    But like you said – let’s not be angry. Instead, let’s keep an open heart and mind for debates 🙂

  4. dumbasssess

  5. brian you @sshole, go rep that jacket in the motherland, not in the free world outside it..dare u to rep it in cabramatta and see what happens

  6. gay gayg ay

  7. viet stfu, ill rep that in your face

  8. being a second generation vietnamese american who has visited Vietnam twice and soon to be three times..i feel that if you repect the political relations between the U.S. and Communist Vietnam..then go for the new flag. But if like,me you resent the communist government that reigns over my family’s old country…then you would go for the old flag..i personally feel that it represents the struggle that my family put up against North Vietnam during the war and it represents our dissent against it still reigning today…and for those of you who think communism is a ok…go ask your family why they left for America

  9. your all faggots

  10. Filthy Communists

  11. Hitler will return and fuck your assholes with his Fuhrer dick

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